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Rahu may not be a planet from an astronomical point of view, but Rahu is very important in 
astrology. Ketu is also named along with Rahu as both move at opposite points of each 
other at equal speed. Rahu is considered a retrograde planet from birth. In mythological 
texts, Rahu was an asura who caught a few drops of nectar during the churning of the 
ocean. Sun and Moon immediately got a clue of it and gave information to Lord Vishnu 
before Lord Vishnu severed his head from his Sudarshan before he came down the neck, 
due to which his head attained to immortality and was called Rahu. This is also believed to 
be the reason for Rahu's enmity with the Sun and Moon. It is believed that due to this 
enmity, Rahu tries to swallow the Sun and Moon from time to time, due to which they are 
eclipsed. Even in astrology, Rahu is considered a shadow planet. Rahu is considered a sin 
planet. In the horoscope of the Jataka, defects like Kalsarp are found only due to Rahu. In 
Gemini zodiac, Rahu is considered high and Sagittarius is considered low. Rahu is also 
considered a factor of immoral acts. After Saturn, Rahu-Ketu are planets that live in a 
zodiac for a long time for about 18 months. In this way, changing the zodiac sign of Rahu is 
considered to be a major astrological event because Rahu is considered to be a planet with 
more inauspicious results than Saturn. Along with all the information about the transit of 
Rahu, the effects on your zodiac will also be known.