Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosh

As per Indian Astrology, the position of the planets and their placement in certain houses has a lot of importance in our lives. Saying so, one of the biggest apprehensions in our matrimonial alliance is the presence of planet Mars, which can cause Manglik or Mangal Dosa in a person’s horoscope.

As per the Indian astrological system, planet Mars is considered a hostile and inauspicious planet by many. It is believed to have a negative influence on our marriage life, and anyone who is affected by its influence, either stays unmarried or faces other negative impacts in their life concerning their health, wealth, and happiness from a marriage alliance. Such persons are termed as 'Manglik'.

Mangal Dosh: What is it?

As per the Indian Vedic Astrological system, it is not considered a good sign, if the planet Mars is an Ascendant and if placed in the north in the 1st house and in the south in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or the 12th houses at the time of birth of a person he or she is considered a ‘Manglik’. Planet Mars is considered to contribute to all negativities in a person’s life related to his or her marriage, and when it is placed in the mentioned houses; its negative effects could be more malefic.

The negative or malefic effect of the planet Mars depends upon which house it is placed at the time of birth.

  • Mars as an Ascendant: The ascendant is related to a person's health, his or her personality, and physical stability. If at the time of birth, Mars is an Ascendant, the person is impatient and impolite, his or her nature is uncompromising and even vindictive to a certain extend.
    It is also considered that such a planetary position at the time of birth of a person, works against all his or her happiness's in life and also could be a major cause of concern in creating a difference between the person and his or her life partner.
  • In the 2nd House: The presence of planet Mars in this position is related to the wealth of a person and his or her family relations. It has been observed that the presence of Mars in this house is the cause for strained relations with one's partner, constant stress, and other differences. This position can also have impacted the children of the person negatively.
  • In the 4th House: Though the presence of the planet Mars in the 4th house at the time of birth can bring stability in wealth, it can cause uneasy and unhealthy conditions in life. It makes the person rigid and will also face disturbed married life.
  • In the 7th House: The 7th house is the house of marriage and life partners. People born with the placement of planet Mars in this house will face uncertain health issues of his or her life partner. It also is believed to encourage unethical behavior and extra-marital affair of the person.
  • In the 8th House: The 8th house is the house of emotions and incidents of life – joy, sorrow, longevity, and other incidents of life. The presence of planet Mars in the 8th house at the time of a person’s birth can destroy all his happiness’s in life and bring him or her, a lot of suffering and mental agony. The person may face issues related to his or her flow of income.
  • In the 12th House: The 12th house is the house of marital indulgence, travel, relaxation, and happiness. Marts in the 12th house could result in a lack of affection and sympathy between couples. It also brings in financial instability in the life of the person and increases the chances of unethical behaviors.

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