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Moon is considered as the causative planet of mind. The Moon holds a very important place 
in astrology. Their importance can be known from the fact that the zodiac sign in the 
horoscope is based on the Moon itself. According to the time of birth of the native, the moon 
in which the zodiac is present, is the moon's zodiac sign. In Indian astrology, the horoscope 
is based on the zodiac sign of the native. Along with the mind, they are also considered as 
the causative planets of the mother. Moon is believed to be the fourth zodiac sign of zodiac 
i.e. Cancer. In Taurus zodiac, they are of high, while in Scorpio zodiac, the moon is 
considered to be low. 
The moons stay for one and a quarter to two days. Among the Navagrahas, it is the Moon 
that has the highest speed and changes the zodiac rapidly. The calendar month is also 
determined on the basis of the moon. The Moon is the only planet in which we can directly 
see the changes happening every day. It is believed that the moon does not have its own 
brightness, but it is seen illuminating us with the light of the sun. As the moon continues to 

move, its shape changes, in fact the shape remains the same, but there is a difference in 
the light falling on it, which results in the moon disappearing at a time. It takes about fifteen 
days of moon, it is also called Krishna Paksha in the almanac. When the moon is not seen, 
then that date is called Amavasya. 
After this, the size of the moon gradually increases and on the fifteenth day it comes to its 
full size, this date is called full moon. This whole side is called Shukla Paksha. Not only this, 
Moon is also considered the husband of all 27 constellations. Among them, he is 
considered to have a special attachment to the Rohini constellation. The full moon date is 
also determined on the basis of the constellation in which the moon is. 
If they talk about their relationship with the Navagrahas, they have friendship with the Sun 
and Mercury. At the same time, they are not made with Rahu and Ketu. This is why Rahu 
also eclipses the Moon. They deal with Mars, Guru, Venus and Saturn. 
Overall, we can say that the moon is a very important planet in astrology. In this section of 
planetary transit, planets give information about planetary transit occurring in the year. That 
the moon changes the zodiac in about two and a half days, in such a situation it is not 
possible to give information about all the transit of the moon here.