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Sign Date : 22/12 - 19/1

Lucky Color : Black,Grey

Lucky Gemstone : Sapphire,Garnet

Lucky Day : Tuesday,Friday,Saturday


Symbol : The Goat

Lucky Number : 1,4,8

Ruiling Planet: Saturn

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Capricorn born people are responsible and good achiever. If you handover them some work then you don't need to worried about that they will complete that on time. They are very hardworking and have patient that's why they are mostly favorite in their family and work team. They are very strong about their commitment of anything like relationship, projects, jobs, etc.

They don't want to be wrong and even if they are wrong they don't admit it easily. Many of times they hide their feelings and it difficult to know what’s in their mind. They always afraid that people are judging them. They take on more responsibility than they can handle and therefore they get stress. They all the time try to become like people want to see.
Capricorn in Relationships

As Partners
They want a fixed relationship, they are faithful partner and even they like to equal slip share of costs and work. They don't prove everything and they preferring build a relationship slowly. They always support their partner and become their partner strength. They try to do small things for their partner to get their partner time and attention.

As Parents
Frequently they teach their children value of money and reliability. They make balance between work and children's care, and for this their children love them and appreciate for their effort. They are passionate about their work and usually they take care of all the financial requirement of the family. Capricorn parents are good planner and all these qualities make them good parents.

As Children
Capricorn children normally feel shy to meet people, they are not party person and like to stay away from people. They are very quick to take any good decision. Capricorn children normally behave like an adult, they are serious and mature and feel comfortable as an adult instead of as a child. These children are practical, ambitious and hard-working. They like to do things in a schedule even if no requirement of rules.

Capricorn Career
People under Capricorn are very serious about their career. They don't want to be in a job if that job doesn't give them as they expect. They are hardworking and ambitious but they choose fields where they can get status, power and security. They easily make balance between personal life and professional life. They know very well that how to use money and time. Their way of working and their analytical mind and management skills, they suitable for banking, finance, management, accounts, etc.