Vastu for home


‘Vastu Shashtra’ also known as the ‘Science of Construction’ works on the principles that focus on directional alignments, and the way they have to be used in the right way to bring about peace, harmony, and happiness to a home. Vastu for homes is regarded with high importance by everyone, as its successful implementation has brought about significant positive changes in their lives. The role of Vastu for homes is to increase the flow of positive energy in a house, thereby resulting in a satisfactory and fulfilling environment in it for all its dwellers. 

Vastu for Home

Vastu shastra for home is a concept that makes any living space in harmony with nature. It considers a house to be a living soul and tries to balance the five elements (fire, earth, water, space, and air) of nature to bring about the maximum levels of positive energy. 

Each home comes with its energy, for it to stay harmonious and happy; it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. After all, it is this energy of the house that directly influences its living members, and their emotional health and wellbeing. 

 Let’s understand the two phrases of Vastu for Home (Vastu and Home):

Just imagine the pain and agony we suffer from when something happens in our home or with someone in our home. It is all because we are emotionally attached to our home, we love it and share harmonious vibrations and so does the same way our home responds to us. Hence, emotions are nothing but vibrations and vibrations are expressions or a form of energy.

So, it is Vastu that ensures that these positive energies stay around us so that we can stay in peace, harmony, and abundance. So, a Vastu compliance home is the one that has the capability of ridding the negative energies around us and accepts and enhances the positive ones, helping us prosper, be successful, experience abundance, and stay in peace, always. 

The principles of Vastu for Home

 As Vastu shastra encourages the flow of positive energy into a house, the starting point of a house, which is the property itself, is very critical. It is because the selection of a house lays down the foundation (the location and orientation) of any living space. According to Vastu science, all direction a house faces (east, west, north or south) is good because every direction has its benefits. Here's how:

If you are planning to build your house or a home makeover, you should aim to create a space that represents and reflects our traits alike our habits and style. Whether you decide on a modern house or an old-style one, the main purpose behind any design should be to bring happiness to space we live in and that attracts and revolves around positive energies. 

Building a house according to the principles prescribed in Vastu science can alter the way we live significantly, taking us away from the impacts of negative forces to positive ones. To get more details on Vastu for Home, visit us online at Seek advice from our Vastu experts and live a life of happiness, peace, and tranquility ever after. 

The structure and design of a house can channelize the positive energies flowing into it and prevent negativities.

Placing mirrors in a particular direction supports good health and happiness.

The colors that we give to every room can impact the vives and mood.

The way the furniture is placed in a house can affect the energy balance and in generating positive and negative influences on health and mental peace.

The kitchen, which is also known as the 'heart of the house' impacts directly the health and wealth of its dwellers. The position of the bedroom has impacts on the health, career, and personal life, whereas, the pooja room has its impacts on peace and prosperity. 

HOME: A home is a place where we LIVE and not just stay. 

VASTU: Vastu is an ancient science that is used for enhancing the positive and eliminating the negative energies in and around a person or a place. The more is positive energy around us the more abundance is attracted towards us. In a way, Vastu helps create abundance and prosperity in our lives.