Vastu for Wealth



In the society we live in, different people have different levels of wealth and comfort. Wealth is important for all of us because people rely on it to carry them through financial emergencies, fund retirement, provide an education for their children, or start a new business. Understanding wealth goes way beyond our profit and loss figures and financial statements.

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Vedic science of architecture puts a lot of significance to wealth on our living and living in sync with the five elements of the universe – Water, Fire, Air, Space, and Earth. All of these elements are a representation of the cosmic energies of the universe that impacts the different aspects of our lives. Since money has an integral role to play in our lives, achieving it depends on these five elements working in sync with our lives. 

Vastu for Wealth and Happiness 

  • The right colors in the rooms

It is a well-known fact that colors influence our moods. As per Vastu principles, every color has its role in increasing or decreasing the flow of positive energies in a particular direction. The northeast direction, the most pious of all the directions, has been associated with the almighty. Therefore, adopting ways of creating positive energies in this direction can attract an increase in wealth, good health, and prosperity. The best color to be given in the northeast part of the house is light blue, Light blue stimulates our mind and improves our creativity, thereby bringing positive thinking and thus wealth with success.  Similarly, others colors that we put in our rooms have their impacts on the flow of positive energies in our lives – green in the north, blue in the west, and red for the south. 

The crux is that as per Vastu; choose lighter shades over dark and bold ones. One thing is very important – avoid red in the bathrooms and kitchen as it will increase the flow of negative energies that might affect your fortune and wealth.

  • Greenery in and around your house

If there is a garden at your house, plant a money plant for prosperity into the house. To amplify its effects plant them in a green color pot. If you live in an apartment of a house without any garden, you may put a painting of lush green like paddy fields or a green forest in the northern section of the house. This will help improve your career growth and contribute to additional earnings. 

  • Create an inviting entrance to the house

The entrance of the house is where everything starts. It not only invites visitors but also positive energies into the house. Vastu principles strongly emphasize the fact to keep the entrance of the house clutter-free and free of any obstacles. Decorate the entrance nicely and grandly to attract and invite the positive energies that bring in wealth, health, and prosperity into the house. 

  • The doors and windows of a house

Doors and windows of a house serve as entry points for natural light and fresh air into the house. They also play an important role in increasing the entry of positive energies into the house. Vastu suggests keeping the panes and parts of the doors and windows clean at all times. 

  • A few other Vastu essentials to attract wealth
  • The clocks: Vastu suggests placing a clock in the living room or area of the house. Ensure that the clock is working and in perfect condition. Non-working or broken clocks can bring your finances to a standstill, whereas slow working clocks can negatively affect your personal growth in life.
  • The kitchen: Keep your kitchen neat and well organized. It can make your home healthy and wealthy. A clean and well-kept kitchen increases the flow of positive energy in all the sections of the house and prevents the negative energy from entering inside. This harmony in the ambiance also becomes responsible for a regular flow of income.
  • The aquarium: An aquarium in the northeast direction of your house brings wealth as per Vastu. The aquarium should be placed in the right direction and kept clean and organized at all times.

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