Vastu for Study Room



In the present times, good grades for kids look to be almost impossible, further and farther away. As parents one way you can ensure that your child gets every possible opportunity to study well and get the best grades is to get them a designated space, also called the study room in your house. 

Many of us opt to build a study room in our house for our children to provide them with the best possible atmosphere to study and pay attention and get good grades. If you also one of them, considering renovating your house or building a new one and have a study room in it, Vastu has certain suggestions and guidelines that will make the most of the study room in your house and benefit the child in his or her studies with all the positive vibrations and energies.   

Vastu for Study Room

The study room in a house has to be the place where you or your child can sit and study peacefully and concentrate on his or her studies. Vastu for all such reasons the room should in a place that is surrounded by positive energies that provide the most conducive atmosphere to study. The placement of the books, table, chair, and other relevant materials should be as such that it gives peace and knowledge. 

  • The best location 

According to Vastu Shastra, the best location to build the study room is the northeast, east, or the west side of the house. These directions are auspicious for the child and help to improve his concentration. There shouldn't be any mirror in the study room as it can reflect stress, anxiety, and workload. Avoid any high beam light in the study room as it can create unnecessary pressure on the child. 

  • The shape of the Room

There is two way of building a study room. Either the room serves only as a study room for the child to study or can also be his private room, where he can study and also relax. If the room is solely for study, then a pyramid-shaped study room serves an excellent purpose. Avoid circular or uneven shapes. 

  • The door of the study room

Vastu says that you should avoid fixing the door of the study room towards the southeast and southwest directions of the room. Also, it should be ensured that while sitting down to study, the child should not sit facing towards a blank wall or windows, as it could lead to a blank mind and blockage of new ideas. 

  • The placement of the study table 

The placement of the study table in the right direction is vital for the child. Placing it in the incorrect direction can cause obstacles and affect the vision of the child. The best way to place the study table is when the child sits; he should be facing the east or the north. Maintain some distance between the wall and the table. Keeping some open space helps in the generation of fresh ideas. The shape of the study table should be square or rectangular and small or medium-sized. 


  • The placement of the book shelve 

All cabinets and bookshelves in the study room should be placed in the east, north, or northeast direction. The cabinet could be placed anywhere suitable, but not in the center of the room. Never place bookshelves on the study table and always keep the study table neat and tidy, as it may cause undue stress on the child. 

  • The color of the study room

Colors play an important role in our lives and hence, it is important to choose the right color of the study room. The right colors can be vital in creating the right atmosphere to study. Using darker shades of black and red brings negativity and makes the room look and feel dark and dingy. Always use light colors like white, blue, green, orange, or cream. These colors are auspicious for a study room and make the room great, spacious, bright and help the child to concentrate on studies and get good grades. 

For better results and a good future for your child, you must pay attention to all that is required to provide him with the right atmosphere to study. Always built a study room following the principles of Vastu, and provide your child with the right atmosphere and scope to study well.  To know more about Vastu for Study Room, visit us online at