Vastu for Shop


Vastu Shashtra – The ancient Hindu architectural science is all about guiding us to built houses, shops, and more. It is believed that architecture built as per Vastu brings fortune, happiness, and prosperity for its inhabitants. 

If you are an owner of a commercial shop or planning to build one, then you should consider developing it as per Vastu. Vastu for shops has the potentials to change the way you conduct your business. Any shop built as per Vastu principles is sure to create a strong brand, with the smooth flow of customers coming in and increased profits. 

The Importance of Vastu for shops

There may be multiple shops in the market selling the same goods or providing similar services, but not all do well. A shop with the most alluring interior and offering huge discounts and offers to its customers may not have sufficient footfalls. On the contrary, a small shop with relatively less showbiz may tend to attract huge footfalls. This makes us think, think what it could be? Maybe, the shop owner is not good, or the services and products are not good and many other things. 

What the problem is is the shop’s Vastu. Any commercial shop can be transformed to attract more footfalls (customers) and generate more sales and thus higher profits, following the Vastu guidelines. 

The benefits of Vastu for shops

There are several benefits of applying the principles of Vastu while building a new shop or changing an existing shop. These are:

Vastu for Shops

Many other aspects are described in Vastu for Shops. To know more about your shop business and set it as per Vastu, visit us online at and consult with our expert Vastu consultants.

Vastu plays a very crucial role in the success or failure of a shop or showroom. When you plan your shop, remember to consider the above-mentioned points and you can go a long way in ensuring that your shop business flourishes and you earn profits. Earning money is very important for a smooth and comfortable life, but with obstacles in business, you could face a lot of hardships. To make your life smooth and ensure that your shop runs smoothly and successfully, follow the guidelines as laid down by Vastu and bring in bundles of joy, happiness, and success with your shop business. 

The placement of Sign Boards and Banners: The kind of signboard you place outside and its direction play an important role in attracting customers. Say, if the entrance of your shop is in the North-East corner, a signboard in white or grey color is an idea as per Vastu principles. Remember that if the colors of your signboard are not in sync with the directional elements, it could serve as a hindrance for the business of the shop. 

Some auspicious symbols: Most shops have a small temple-like structure kept for worship and to seek the blessing of God. And, there are certain symbols hanged in there. As per Vastu principles, symbols like Swastik or Om, Riddhi Siddhi, and Subh Labh, are auspicious and are good for the shop business. These symbols attract customers and wealth. They help to shun away the negative energies and keep increasing the inflow of money into the shop. 

The Cash Counter: There is a cash counter in each shop and as per Vastu it should open towards the north. Placing the cash counter in the South-East direction is ideal and will keep your cash register ringing. 

Entrance of the Shop: The entrance is vital for any shop before starting its operation as per Vastu. It represents the face of the shop and the source of positive energies to enter. The success or failure of a shop is heavily dependent on its entrance. As per Vastu guidelines, a shop’s entrance should be facing the east or north-east to be highly successful. It helps attract more customers into the shop. 

The aura of your shop becomes good, and that gives a competitive edge for your business over the competitors.

Shops build around Vastu principles work as an invisible salesman.

Attracts repeat clientele.

Your brand value enhances and spreads, attracting more new customers.

Since a customer feels comfortable and easy, he will spend more time in your shop and spend money buying things at your shop.

Customers feel easy and pleasant as soon as they enter your shop.