Vastu for Peace


Peace has long been humanity's greatest value, and for some, supreme value. Peace is more than the absence of war in our lives; it is more than calmness and inner tranquility. Peace is the unification of our inner self with God, overflowing from his almighty's love. 

Vastu, also known as the ancient ‘science of construction’, is based on the principles of directional alignments, and how they can be used to bring peace and harmony in our homes and thus our lives. 

The science of Vastu originated long back. It is the science that takes into consideration the five fundamental elements of the universe – The Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Air. The principles of Vastu are based on the facts and found that these elements have their impact on everything on the planet. When we design our lives in adherence to these cosmic principles, we ensure harmony, prosperity, and peace in our lives. 

By with complying Vastu rules we lessen the negativities in our lives and enhance the positivity. Peace in life is a very broad term. For some it could be staying happy, for many, it could mean prosperity and wealth and for some, it could be some spiritual enlightenment. Let’s look here how Vastu can impact peace and tranquility in our lives by bringing about certain changes at the place where we live:

Also, place all your jewelry and cash, and all financial documents on the north side of the house. The north of the house is associated with wealth and prosperity. 



Every element and object around us influence us, they surround us with energies. We are the carrier of energies and therefore it becomes all the more important for us to balance our energy with the energies of the objects around us. The balance of the positive and negative energies is what Vastu does to gain the maximum benefits in our lives and bring around tranquility, harmony, and peace. 

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The sacred plant of Tulsi is synonymous with love, harmony, and peace. Grow one in your house and let peace and accord flow into your house and mind. 

Marital accord is another aspect that can disturb your peace. To ensure that you and your partner live in peace and love, the male partner should sleep on the right and the female partner on the left. 

Hanging framed family photographs in the southwest direction of the house can improve family relations and bring peace to the occupants of a house. Hanging wall painting in the east direction can help improve social life.

For all of those connected to spirituality, the North-East corner of the house is the best. This direction evolves spiritually. This corner can be used for meditation and to acquire a more calm and peaceful nature in the house. 

Having an equal number of doors and windows in a house is associated with peace and prosperity in a house.

Complications in financial matters are often seen to be a major cause of lost peace.  Keep the North-East corner of the house clean and tidy and do not place any heavy objects in that area that causes obstacles.

The east is an auspicious direction for a house in bringing about healthy bonding between the family members and thereby bringing peace. Vatu suggests growing small green plants in the east direction of the house. 

If you feel that your relationship in the family is not doing well, keep a sandalwood statue at home. It does not have any negative emotions and is favorable in such situations. Keep it in a place that is easily visible and it will assist in easing your tensions and bring about harmony and peace back into your life.

Keep your house clean and organized. There should be unnecessary clutters, wastes, and other useless material dumped or kept. All of these bring negative energies that develop stress and you lose peace.