Vastu for Office



Everybody wants to set up their office according to Vastu Shastra to make it more imperative. It is very important to place the things at the right place and direction for the positivity and success of the work, and it is always said that peaceful environment is must for the financial prosperity of the business.

So, you need to take care of the following thing while setting up office:

● The first thing that a businessman should take care of is the direction he is sitting towards. He/she should sit facing north, east or north-east side for the growth of the business and the workers or employees should face the north-west direction opposite to the businessman so that they can be more active in their work. So, if we talk about the financial prosperity, north and northeast are the best directions.

● You can place a mirror to the north side to increase the business profitable opportunities.

● You should place lavender flowers at the reception to increase the chances of positivity and four-leaf clover plant for the good luck of the venture.

● You also need to keep in mind the shape of the table in the office, that should be rectangular made of wood. Avoid placing irregular shape tables made of glass or metal as it promotes stress and confusion in the work.

● Employees, businessmen, entrepreneurs should not sleep on the working desk, it leads to negativity.

● Do not put the documents, papers or books on the desk, place them in the locker to make it clutter-free. Also, remove the broken things like stationery items from your desk as it can lead to obstacles.

● You can place a mountain scenery or turquoise behind the chair seat to create a sense of trust with your peer.

Above are some of the guidelines you need to keep in mind while setting up your office so that prosperity and success can come your way.