Vastu for New House


Vastu, the ancient Vedic c science of architecture, offers some principles that are believed to lead us to such a degree of happiness and prosperity that no amount of money can buy. A home is a dream for almost all of us. So when it comes to buying or building a new house,  it is best to build as per Vastu guidelines. 

The principles of Vastu help us create the best living spaces. It helps us bring wealth, happiness, prosperity, and success in our lives and all who live in the house. Vastu suggests the right format, shape, plan, and directions balance all the components of the universe – the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and the Sky. Vastu suggests all that is required to bring in positive energies and turn a house into a home. To receive the benefits of peace and prosperity, we must follow some basic and simple tips for a new house as suggested by Vastu. 

According to the principles of Vastu, the entrance of a new house, its entry point, should face the north, east, or northeast direction. It should be such that when we step out of our new house we should be facing the north or the east or the northeast. 

The living rooms or the front space of your new house should be facing the north, east, or northeast direction. The furniture of the living space must be placed in the west or the southwest direction. By doing so, the house can omit all kinds of Vastu doshas. 

The bedroom is an important part of any new house. It is the center of relationships and health. To ensure that your house and the bedroom of the house are Vastu compliant, it should be made in the southwest direction of the building. You should avoid placing or building your bedroom in the northeast direction. 

Just like the bedroom, your kitchen is also a vital space for the flow of positive energies. It is the heart of the house. The kitchen in a house should be located in the southeast corner. North, northeast, and southwest directions should be avoided. Place all the kitchen appliances in the southeast direction. 

Vastu is the science of architecture and it goes deep in even defining the shape of the rooms in a house. The rooms in your new house should have straight-line walls, meaning they should either be square or rectangular.  As per Vastu principles, avoid placing furniture that is oval or round in shape, as they attract negative energies and are consider inauspicious. 

Colors have a significant role to play in our house. Vastu has defined rules for using color in the house and its rooms too. It suggests that you should avoid using dark colors to paint the walls of your house and rooms. Opt for subtle lighter shades of white, pink, yellow, coral, blue, green, and orange. All of them leverage-positive energies. 

Vastu says proper ventilation and adequate daylight are both essential for making your home a house. The rooms of the house should get proper sunlight during the day and also have proper ventilation. Sunlight brings in positive energy and ventilation allows the negative energies to glow out of the house. 

The new house should have doors and windows in even numbers. Make sure while building your house that the doors (mainly the main entrance door) should open towards the inside and the windows and balconies should be north and east facing. This will ensure that adequate sunlight enters the rooms in the morning, bringing about positivity and good health in the life of the inhabitants of the house. 

By following Vastu guidelines we can ensure happiness, success, and peace for ourselves and our family members staying us in the new house. You have to be careful when building our house because if the Vastu of the place is wrong that can lead to difficulty in the future. 

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The Doors and Windows

Proper Ventilation 

The color of your house 

The shape of the Rooms

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

The living space and the furniture 

The direction for the house entrance