Vastu for Marriage Life


Like all other life episodes, marriage is an important point in our lives. It is an institution that marks the beginning of a new life – a life that is based on the values of love, support, and identity.  As per the ancient beliefs, marriage is a pious relation between two different individuals, who are granted separate and varied duties as life-long partners. 

Saying so, we must consider that there is no hard and fast rule and no guarantee that a marriage will be happy and successful. The Almighty created man and woman to bond with each other through marriage. But to ensure that our married lives remain happy, cordial, and understanding, we need to consider the unseen external forces that rule us and keep them in cordial with us through the practice of Vastu Shastra. 

The relation between Vastu and Marriage

Vastu and marriage are somewhat or the other closely related to each other. We know that we are married to our partner but to ensure smooth, healthy, and lovable living together many factors needs to be considered and should not be ignored. 

Vastu brings positivity and prosperity to our lives. It helps eliminate the negative energies and bring positive energies into our life. The principles of Vastu can do wonders in bringing love, affection, and understanding between couples and other members of a family. By following certain Vastu rules, you can ignite romance and feelings inside you and your partner, which can help make a relation, more fruitful and enjoyable. The magnetic energies of Vastu Shashtra are very important for a healthy relationship within a living space.

Let's look at how Vastu can impact our married life and our relationship

These small details as suggested in Vastu helps to contribute to a successful and happy married life. The principles of Vastu might seem fluke, but they do have an important role to play in our married life, our relationship, and our lives. Following some simple Vastu principles, we can assure the best married life and live in love, peace, and harmony throughout of lives. 

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No electrical gadgets in the bedroom: Electronic gadgets are a necessity these days, but avoid bringing them in your bedroom. As per Vastu, they attract stress and tension. The electronic wave of gadgets creates discomfort and is not good for health. If at all they need to be in the room, they must be covered at night during your sleep. 

The furniture in the bedroom: According to Vastu Shashtra, wood is the right material to be used in the furniture of a bedroom. Wood represents beauty, peace, and understanding. Even the mattress on the bed matters. Make sure that your bed has a single mattress. It instills harmony and positivity in the life of a married couple. 

The color of the bedroom: The color of a room is a representation of the life you lead. Avoid darker shades as dark colors represent darkness, negativity, and problems in life. The bedroom should be painted in lighter and brighter shades like light blue, green, and pink as these colors represent peace and soothing life. The right color of the bedroom is a representation of bonding and understanding between couples. 

Placement of mirrors in the bedroom: Mirrors are just not the thing that should be in a bedroom. Mirrors attract negative energies that are often seen as the reasons for quarrel, misunderstanding, and discomfort in married lives. Mirrors should be kept away from the bedroom, either in the dressing room or in the bathroom. In case you have no option but have to place a mirror in the bedroom, it should be away from the bed and covered at night when you sleep. 

The position of a bedroom inside a house: The bedroom is an important aspect is of married life. Located in the South-West direction, it can bring love, increase bonding and understanding between couples. In case, South-West is not available, the second-best option is North-West. The couple should sleep with their head as it will allow positive energies from the North to flow.