Vastu for Land Selection



The most crucial thing that needs to be kept in mind before land selection is the direction of the land. North-facing land is mostly recommended, and you should avoid taking south facing land as it is not considered as lucky. You can also go for east or west facing land.

Land selection and buying land is one of the important decisionsbecause it includes the biggest investments. That’s why it should be bought according to the Vastu before finalizing.

Before buying, keep the following things in mind:

● Don’t buy the land where the chemical industry has been set up previously as it is considered that the soil of that land would be full of chemical waste and is not suitable for residential purpose.

● Don’t go for the land where the graveyard existed as it may have negative energies, pain and sufferings.

● Buy rectangular or square plots to ensure the proper and equal flow of energy in all corners of the land. Irregular shapes are not recommended as there would be disturbance in the flow of energies. That’s why it is suggested going with regular shapes like rectangle or square.

● You need to choose an auspicious time to buy a land to make it fruitful for you. Panchanga is one of the ways you can check out the auspicious time and date for you.

● You need to take care of your surrounding before constructing the land like its surroundings should not be surrounded by buildings, structures and other installations as it can stop the flow of positive energies.

● Go with a place which is full of greenery, calmness, and good water source with good soil that will always lead to positivity in your surroundings.

Above are some of the major points that you need to keep in mind before selecting the land. Consider these guidelines and take advice of vastu expert to make your purchase successful.