Vastu for Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most important and used sections of any house. When we buy or build a house, we pay special attention to the kitchen. We take every possible measure to make our kitchen decorated, comfortable, peaceful, and well-managed. According to Vastu sciences, the kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation. It is the source of our day-long energy. 

Vastu says everything, from direction to the equipment and even the direction they are placed is important. If everything in a kitchen is done and placed as per Vastu, it ensures the flow of positive energies into the house and for its occupants. 

Vastu for Kitchen 

No matter if a house is big or small, has three, four or just one room, the three spaces in a house are the most important  - the Living room, the Bed Room and the Kitchen. A kitchen represents the element of fire and having a good, well-maintained, clean, and hygienic kitchen attracts the Fire God in the house who frees us from all the negative energies by burning them down and fulfills any lack in the house. 

As per Vastu Shashtra, constructing and designing the kitchen in a house as per Vastu guidelines brings luck, abundance, and wealth to the family. As it burns down the negative powers and all the harmful vibrations, it brings joy and happiness amongst the members of the house. If you build your house and the kitchen in it as per Vastu guidelines, it will:

Vastu Tips to consider while constructing a kitchen

Now that you have learned how important and critical it is to have the kitchen in the house well-placed, maintained, and organized, here is what Vastu recommends for the kitchen:

• The Location: The kitchen forms an integral part of a house. When placed right it has the power to enhance the aura of the house. The best location of a kitchen in a house as per Vastu is the South-East Corner. This corner is best for all the elements of fire. In case you are not able to construct it at the said corner, the second-best option is the North-West corner of the house. 

• The placement of the Stove: The gas stove is an integral part of any kitchen, on which the food is prepared. The gas stove should be placed in the South-East direction. The food should be made facing the east side, as the elements of fie works the best in this direction. 

• The Sink and Taps: A kitchen sink with taps is a must in any kitchen. The placement of sinks and taps in a kitchen indicates the flow of water. North-East direction is the best direction, away from the gas stove suggests Vastu. Water and Fire are two repelling elements and the two should be kept away from each other. 

• The Refrigerator: In case, the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen; then it should be placed in the southwest direction. It is good to avoid the northeast direction for the refrigerator as it becomes a hindrance. 

• Exhaust Fans and Windows: A window is a must in the kitchen and also an exhaust fan. It helps the kitchen airy and breathable. The east side is best for the kitchen window and the exhaust fan. 

• Electrical Appliances: In today's kitchen you have a lot of electrical appliances like a microwave oven, induction cooker, and more. Keeping them in the South-East direction is considered the best as per Vastu. They should never be placed in the North-East direction. 

• The Storage Area: Cupboards, drawers, and cabinets are also a must in every kitchen. For the same, the Western and Southern wall is the best. Avoid North and East side Walls. 

• Drinking water vessels: Many homes have pots, filters, and water purifiers placed in the kitchen. If you also have any, place them in the North-East direction. It is auspicious. 

• The floor of the Kitchen: Choosing the right floor for the kitchen is very important. According to Vastu Shastra, using ceramic tiles, mosaic and marble are the best options for flooring. Avoid using the wooden floor as it could be hazardous.

• The Color: Without saying, a kitchen should be constructed spacious, should remain clean, and look bright. Avoid using dark colors like black and grey for the kitchen as they attract negativity. You can always opt for warm and vibrant colors like green, red, yellow, chocolate brown, rose, and orange. You can also make a blend of two colors. 

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