Vastu for Health


Vastu is one of the oldest Indian sciences that is associated with the construction and re-modeling of houses. According to Vastu science, the five elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and the Sky regulated the forces of the universe and its creations that directly have their effects on everything around us. 

Vastu principles are based on the belief that the energies that govern the elements of nature, like the wind and the fire are the same that controls the elements of a human body. When a home is built according to the principles of Vastu in coordination with the cosmic laws, it brings positivity to the lives of the inhabitants of the house. Such homes radiate positive vibrations and which affects everyone who lives in it. These effects can be seen on everything of us – our wealth, happiness, relationship, and also our health. 

Health is Wealth

It is long being said from time immemorial – "Health is Wealth". All we want from our life is Good Health. Constantly falling sick, suffering from regular health problems, or living in depression is no good for us. In the fast pace stressed and hectic lifestyle, we neglect our health and our health is what suffers. Since we cannot do much with it, but what we can do is make use of Vastu Shashtra to attract positive energies and maintain the wealthiest thing in life - our health.

Vastu for Health

Vastu of living space is all about good health and overall prosperity. It is believed that a house built around the principles of Vastu attains the three P's: Prosperity, Progress, and Peace. Living in a house according to the Vastu rules will yield the maximum benefits and bestow the dweller of the house with good health abundant wealth and harmony. It works in such a way that all health obligations including prolonging illnesses get cured naturally. 

Let's look at how Vastu impacts our health:

Vastu suggests some specific rules and norms that if followed will bestow the occupants of the house with abundance, happiness, and good health. For more details on Vastu and how the profound principles of ancient science can be used for our wellbeing and prosperity, visit us online to consult with our Vastu experts at

Welcome Good Health: Yes, we are talking about the main entrance of your home. It is from here everything enters your house. Vastu recommends all the walls surrounding the house and the main gate should be at the same height. Growing plants, especially citrus plants at the entrance encourages good health and wellbeing for the members of the house. 

Fire: Fire is a vital element as per Vastu. Extra care is needed to be taken while placing any fire element in the house, as it is directly related to the good health of the occupants of the house. Vastu recommends Southeast or Northeast as the place for fires. 

Overhead beams: Overhead beams are necessary for all structures. They provide the structure the support it needs. But you must ensure that at the time of constructing your house, no beam should run across the center. They might stand as a hindrance between the flow of positive energies and you. 

A temple in the house: A temple in the house, small or big is a must to attract positive energies and clears negative vibes. The least, you can place a statue of God or any religious symbol in your home. 

The Center of the House: As per Vastu, the center of the house or “Brahmasthan” should be left empty. This allows a free flow of energy. If you place furniture or any other heavy objects at the center of the house, it can obstruct the flow of energy. Now you will know why old houses used to have open courtyards at the center. 

Staircase and Health: According to Vastu Shashtra, a staircase at the center of a house will lead o to health issues. Design your house and the staircase in such a way that it is constructed at one side of the house. 

The Sleep Position: Sleep is vital for our good health. It helps us rejuvenate and recapitulate from the wear and tear the body undergoes after a long day haul. Vastu says, for a peaceful night’s sleep; sleep with your head towards the South or the East direction.