Vastu for Happiness


Vastu, the Vedic study of architecture and ancient Indian science of inhabitation, is complete in it and can bring immense joy, happiness to the whole world. It is believed and tested that a home built and decorated as per Vastu principles, brings wealth, prosperity, and happiness. According to the principles of Vastu rooms, wall, furniture, decorative and other objects of a house needs to be placed in such a manner that they can attract and allow free flow of positive energy inside the house. It is these positive energies that flow into the house and bring in happiness, fulfillment, peace, harmony, and wealth. 

The secret of being happy

A lot has been written about happiness and from psychology to philosophy, there are different theories of happiness. Some have focused on containment, some on spiritual liberation, and some on satisfaction. But as per ancient teaching and understandings, happiness is one of the most subjective mental states and several factors could be at play when a person is truly happy. 

If we read through the principles of Vastu, we could see that it is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and sky. Following the principle of Vastu, we can achieve happiness in life along with peace and prosperity, which also contributed to happiness. Vastu is the encompassing of the science of directions and placements of objects in our house and an inquisitive science that helps us achieve happiness, peace, prosperity, and progress in life. We should adhere to the principles to bring happiness to our lives.

Vastu for Happiness

Building a new house or moving to it, is in itself a matter of joy and happiness. And when it happens, we only want positivity to flow around us all through the rest of our life in the new home. But to make sure that positivity is evoked and prevails, we must follow certain Vastu rules.

These are some of the suggestions as per Vastu while building or renovating a house. There are a lot of other things like your bathroom, kitchen, storage area, backyard, and more. All of these contribute together in bringing about happiness and prosperity to the house and its occupants. Always remember that it is your own house and it is your family and the loved ones who are going to stay with you in the house. Just by following certain Vastu rules and guidelines, if you could bring joy, happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment in their lives, what could be a more happy achievement for you. 

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The Bedroom: When you are constructing your house, the bedroom should be in the southwest part. This helps bring stability and happiness to personal relationships. It also helps draw wealth and prosperity. Bedrooms should be bright and well-lit. The paints on the bedroom walls should be light and bright, as darker shades will attract negative energies. 

The Living Room: The living space is the area where the entire family congregates and entertains guests. To ensure this area is energetic and filled with positive energies that encourage happiness, follow the below:

The Entrance: Vastu says that the entrance of a house is the entryway through which positivity or positive energies enter a house. Follow these simple Vastu guidelines and ensure happiness, prosperity, and good health entering your house;