Vastu for Guest Room


In the Indian culture, guests are treated as Gods. That is why we address our guests with the belief ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. We value what we say and believe, and this is why, when we have guests in our house, we treat them with utmost care and affection. We ensure that they have a comfortable stay at our place and when they leave, they leave happy and satisfied. 

Special guest rooms are made in a very house, for the comfortable stay of the guests. But, at the same time to ensure that the stay of your guests is comfortable, enjoyable, and fruitful, you must adhere to the principles laid down by the ancient science of Vastu. Vastu provides necessary guidelines for the planning and construction of guest rooms in a house so that it brings peace, prosperity, success, and popularity. 

Vastu for Guest Room

Adhering to Vastu guidelines while constructing a house, or making some small changes in an existing house or property can bring about immense changes in our lives. Most of the houses in our country will have a guest room for the comfort and convenience of any visiting guest. The guest room is a house is one room that hosts people from different segments of society, culture, and people with different characters and attitudes. It is why Vastu says that it is important to follow the principles while planning the guest room so that any sort of negative energy or possible dominance of the person can be avoided and the place be always be filled with positive vibrations. 

As per Vastu, there is a direction specified for each room in a house. As of the guest room is concerned, the northwest direction is the best. This is the most suitable direction of a guest room in a house.

Since these days' people prefer having an attached bathroom with their guest room, the bathroom door should be placed away from the bed. Placing the bed opposite the door of the bathroom is considered indecent and uninviting. Moreover, the door of the bathroom should be always kept closed to make sure that no negative energies enter the room and the house. 

The bed in the guest room should be in the southwest direction and the placement should be as such that the person sleeping on it should have his head towards the south. 

Vastu suggests that for a guest room, the best color options are the light shades of green, blue, and white. These colors are known to be serene and provide a calmness to the body and mind. Using dark colors can make the area look darker and also attract negative eyes, whereas light colors are good and positive that helps the atmosphere of the room stay loving and encouraging. 

Be it a television or a computer or a mini-refrigerator, keeping all electronic items in the guest room in the right place helps to bring harmony and makes your guest wise and practical. But, keeping them in the wrong place could cause stress and health issues. Keep all items in the southeast direction of the room. 

•  The cabinet of the guest room: 

A cabinet is a must in the guest room. It aids in keeping your guest belongings property and aligned. The ideal position of the cabinet is on the south or west or south-west wall. Northwest corner is good for the entrance of the guestroom and having a cabinet in the opposite direction seems comfortable and gives a unique and clean look to the room.

Beautiful paintings and vases in the guest room make the place inviting and charming. As per Vastu, placing beautiful pictures in the room is auspicious and ensures a short and comfortable stay for your guests. 

Ensuring that your guest's stay is comfortable and memorable, follow these Vastu guidelines. If you are planning a guest room construction in your house, visit us online at for more tips and advice. 


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