Vastu for Factory


Vastu, the ancient Hindu system of design based on directional alignments has varied applications.  It ranges from our homes to offices to factories and more. There are numerous reasons behind the science of Vastu, and the prime reason being its positive effects on our lives – our health, wealth, prosperity and success. 

The primary approach of Vastu is to get in more positive energies in our lives through the surrounding, thereby bringing us happiness, health and wealth. It also indicates us the ways to avoid diseases and disasters in our lives that are largely caused by the negative energies reaching and surrounding us. 

We all have to work. It is an inseparable part of our adulthood. It not only fulfils the needs of our lives, but also gives us an identity. But, it also true that only a well structured factory is not enough to grant us with all the success in terms of profits, wealth, health, peace, employee and labor. There are several things to be considered. Vastu principles for factory involves everything concerning your factory, from selecting the site, to the placement of electronic gadgets, location of the offices, placement of raw materials and finished goods, transportation and many other aspects of a factory. 

Vastu for factory

Following Vastu guidelines while building a factory can ensure that all risks pertaining to the factory and the business is taken care of and you live a life of your dreams. To know about Vastu for factory, visit us online at Get expert tips and guidance from our vastu experts and make for a successful business. 

The toilets: Depending on the size of the factory and the volume of workers, there could be a need for multiple toilets. All toilets should be built in the southeast or northeast direction. If there is a requirement of a septic tank, it should be located in between the north and northwest or between east and south east directions. 

The heating equipments of the factory: There are multiple heating equipments used in a factory like furnaces, boilers, transformers, generators and others. All these equipments should be placed in the southeast direction. Placing them as per Vastu guidelines will ensure that there are no accidents with them and they operate or run smoothly.  

The place of machineries: Machineries are important components of any factory. Heat generating equipments are to be placed in the southeast direction and light and auxiliary equipments should be placed in the north or east direction. Northeast, northwest and southeast directions should be completely avoided for the placement of equipments. 

Material storage: Raw materials are required in every factory. Heavy raw material storage should be in the southwest, south or west direction of the factory. The finished goods from the factory should be taken out through the northwest direction as it leads to0 quick selling and higher profits. 

Place a temple in the factory: It is always good to have a temple inside the factory as you and all other staff members of the factory can seek blessing from God every morning before starting work. Built the temple in the northeast corner. Makes sure to keep the temple and its surrounding area clean and clutter free. A temple signifies enlightenment. 

The factory maintenance office: All factories have a maintenance workshop and an office or cabin. Vastu suggest building the maintenance workshop and the office in the south or southwest direction. Also the consumable store of the factory should be close to this workshop and office. 

The factory office: All factories have an office and it is a must. The office is the center of support for the entire factory. This is where all important decision regarding the factory is taken and many deals are finalized. Vastu suggests that the best place to have the office is in the north or east direction, It is also important to ensure that you, the owner of the factory should sit facing north or east. This will ensure that dealing are more beneficial for the factory and thus the business. 

The entrance of your factory: The entrance of a factory is given very high importance in Vastu. The better it is and as per Vastu guidelines the more it allows profits and opportunities to flow in. The entrance of your factory should be towards the east, north or northeast.