Vastu for Dining Room


Back in ancient times, people used to eat in the kitchen sitting on the floor. It was because it was much more convenient to serve near to the kitchen and also the food can stay hot when being served. As time passed by, and convenience and status became substantially important, the emergency of a special area for dining came into existence, called the dining room. 

But, one that has not changed – the importance of the dining space. Be it the good old days or the present times, the dining room is the room in the house where all the members of the family come together, eat food, talk and have a fun time together. Space is meant to bring everyone closer and have a chit-chat session, know each other better, share personal thoughts and experiences, discuss issues, and much, much more. Often it is said that “a family that eats together, sits together always stays together.” Well, this is the room that is best to have some time together. It is a place where guests are entertained and served.

Vastu Sastra, the Vedic science of architecture has laid certain principles for every corner of a house, including the dining room. Following these principles will not only help us create an atmosphere that is just perfect for meals but also for attracting prosperity and luck into the house and for all of the house members. 

Vastu for Dining Room 

Vastu says that the dining room could be autonomous or in continuation with the kitchen on the east, west, or the south side of the house. Vastu says that the dining room is good on any side, but near to the kitchen. 

The dining room should be located on the same floor as is the kitchen. Vastu strongly recommends having the dining room near to the kitchen, as there is no point cooking food at a place and serving it at another. 

The Square or rectangular shape of the dining room is ideal as per Vastu principles. Avoid any other shapes like round or oval or hexagonal. Square is the best as while dining it provides enough space to keep the plates and eat comfortably. 

The center of the dining room is good for placing the dining table. Avoid placing the dining table against the wall. When you all sit at the dining table you should face the east, north, or the west. The head of the family should sit facing the east and the rest of the members can sit facing the north and the west. Avoid sitting south facing as the North Pole and south-facing direction repel each other and create an imbalance in life.

The best colors for the dining room are yellow, light green, light blue, or any lighter shades of pink. It is the place that is meant to eat, where you satisfy your hunger and get your stomach filled. It is the place where the entire family unites and has good times. Moreover, using lighter shades makes the dining room bright and looks spacious. 

A washbasin in the dining room is meant to wash hands and mouth before and after eating. Vastu suggests having the washbasin of the dining room in the north or the east side. Having the washbasin placed in these directions makes it convenient and also the rays of the sun coming makes the water pure. 

In any house, almost all rooms and spaces are interconnected with each other. Make sure that when you construct the dining area, the bathroom should be constructed away from the dining space. It is always unhygienic and uncomfortable to sit and eat near the bathroom. Also, if the door of the bathroom is kept open, a bad smell can spoil your mood and disturb the decorum of the dining space. 

To make the dining room of your house Vastu compliant, follow the guidelines mentioned above and make your dining space a place for unity and happiness. To know more about Vastu for Dining Room, visit us online at

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