Vastu for Children Room


The way we are related to other people, the same way we are also related to our environment. We all are connected with the universe, our environment is connected with our lives, and when we feel better, function efficiently, stay happy and grow, we are in harmony with the environment. 

A house that has a harmonious environment, love, and satisfaction, is the one that is built around Vastu principles. Vastu, the ancient Vedic science of architecture advocates that everything around us in our environment has its effects on us. Similarly, Vastu also guides us to bring prosperity and happiness to the lives of our children. The rules of Vastu ensure that our children's room is full of positive energies that make sure that their upbringing faces no hurdles, and they become winners in their lives. 

Vastu for Children Room 

Choosing the right location is one major task in making a house and the second is constructing it. Vastu says that the child's room while constructing a house should be placed in the west direction. Just like choosing the right location is vital in building a house, placing the child's room in the right place will ensure that your child grows obedient, punctual, and progressive in his or her life. 

Once the child’s room is ready, the most important thing in the room is your child’s bed, on which he will relax. The bed should be in the southwest portion of the room, with the child sleep with his or her towards the east or south direction. Following this will ensure the child stays calm and attains peace of mind. 

The door in every room is critical for privacy purposes and the same goes with your child's room also. According to Vastu, the door of the child's room should not face the bed. Keep the door in such a direction that it is away from the bed and it avoids direct contact with evil eyes and negative energies. The door of the room is always in the east or north direction because these are the best directions.

A child's room involves a lot of furniture apart from a cupboard, racks, book shelve, study table, and more. The best position to pace the maximum number of furniture in the child’s room is the southwest direction as it does not cause any hindrance in the child's growth. It is much better if the cabinets and cupboards are fixed in the southwest direction.  

Lighting is an important component of your child's room. The right position to fix the lights in the child's room is the southeast direction. Make sure that the room is brightly illuminated and neither too dark nor too bright. This will ensure that the child is free of any strains and stress in life. 

The most preferred color of your child’s room is either green or blue. These colors add freshness, attract positivity and enhance the brightness of the room. 

If the study table is placed in the bedroom, it should be in such a direction that child could face east, north, and north-east while studying. Thus placed table boosts both memory and concentration and invites new ideas. The books should always be kept in south-west, south or west as lots of books and papers in study room create clutter and mental pressure.

These days electronics like television, computers, and play station have become an integral part of the lives of our children. Computer and TV should not be placed in children's room. If it's necessary, it's recommended to place the TV in the southeast corner and the computer in the north direction of the room.

Children are a life source for us parents; they make the house alive and a happy place to live in. No parent would want to compromise when it comes to the life of their child. So, why not follow the above tips and give a bright life to our children.

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