Vastu for Career


We all strive all our life for a successful and bright career. A career in no doubt is one of the most important aspects of our life. We study well and work hard for good career growth, which in turn assures our professional and financial security. But, at times we come across setbacks and there is stagnation in our career growth. 

When there are concerns about our career, and we are utterly confused, unprepared, and there is fear of rejection and failure, what can we do? To gain success, and overcome the hurdles that you may be facing in your career growth, you have Vastu Shashtra. It’s the blockage of energies in your house or our office, caused by incorrect Vastu that is causing the problems. 

The Vastu and Career Link 

We all are surrounded by energies at all times. Whether you are aware or unaware of the same, we are in constant touch with these energies and are interacting with them. Vastu Shashtra says every house has its energy, and all the occupants of that house will be under the influence of those energies. These energies influence our thoughts, our health, well-being, and everything including our career. So, we must take all due measures to ensure that these energies radiated by our house are positive. 

Vastu Shashtra – the Vedic Indian Science of Architecture, helps eliminate the negative energies and makes space for positive energies to flow inside a home. The principles of Vastu, if applied correctly can be of great help in uplifting our career to unmatched heights. 

Let’s look at what Vastu has to say for career growth

A few small Vastu tips to get your career rolling 

In the changing times of competition and challenges, we must keep the energies surrounding us balanced and positive. Vastu is not anymore a choice, but a necessity. For more details and support of Vastu for your aspiring career, visit us online at Book your consultation with our Vastu expert and seek all the answers for all your career obstacles. 

Placing auspicious symbols like Swastik or Om or a statue of Lord Ganesha close to the workstation or desk promotes positivity and encourages new ideas. 

Always keep your workstation or desk clutter-free. It ensures smooth working and clutters the free mind. 

The height of the desk should be around your navel. This supports the flow of good energy. 

Your desk or the workstation should be rectangular. It reflects confidence and is favorable for career growth.

Sitting with your face towards the northeast or north direction is good for career growth and promoted the flow of positive energies.

Your desk should be wooden with a high-back chair to sit on.

Place a Laughing Buddha on your desk or workstation. This will ease our stress and tensions, and being happy around you.

The furniture in the room: Wooden furniture is the best. If there is heavy furniture, place them in the South-West corner of the room. The chair which you sit on should be high back – it signifies strong back support. There should be no broken furniture in your office room. They are considered inauspicious as per Vastu principles. 

Your sitting position: We all have our ways to sit and work, but sitting in the wrong position could lead to loss and a stagnant career. Vastu suggests sitting with your face towards the north or east, as both north and east directions are synonymous with growth and monetary gains. If you have plants and lamps in your office, place them in the southeast corner of the room. This helps attract money and better opportunities. 

Create space for new and fresh ideas: According to Vastu, create some open space in your office in front of the desk where you sit. Keeping the areas open and wide in front of your desk will allow fresh and new ideas to come into your mind, which you can implement in your work and gain success and accolade. 

The support Wall: Support is what we all want with our careers and work. Vastu suggests having a wall at the back, where we sit and work. The wall should have a painting or picture of mountains. It is considered good as mountains depict strength and support all the time.