Vastu for Business


For every businessman, success is prime. His primary goal is a success, fame, name and goodwill, and of course wealth. But as per Vastu, if there is defects in the business place like the shape of the building, position of the owner's office or cabin, and placement of other essential commodities related to the business, then you may face problems in your business like losses, slow progress, and no growth. 

To promote and make your business a successful one, Vastu has defined the ways by setting up certain rules and norms with your business layout, its orientation, and other prospects of business progress. We know that Vastu helps in balancing the energies of the various elements and objects that surround us with the elements of the universe to allow the flow of positive energies leading to prosperity, growth, and success in business and thus, our lives. So, to move a business from loss to profit and from downfall to progress, we must adhere to the Vastu principles about business. 

Vastu for Success in Business

Vastu, the ancient science of architecture has been used for ages. Vastu tells us about the guidelines that should be for design, layout, ground preparation, and several other aspects that lead to creating a harmonious environment of space. It outlines the best possible solutions and layouts for creating maximum growth, prosperity, and success for the owner of the space. 

A business will prosper when there are fewer obstructions and lots of positive energies flowing in. while planning your business, make sure the direction towards the north should be free of any fire elements, avoid dark paints, especially red in this direction, and no kitchen or pantry. 

A Vastu guided business office is sure to prosper in every way, enjoying good business prospects and growth. Directions are not the only factors that determine the failure or success of a business, but it is the overall structure of the building and placement of various elements that makes it auspicious for business growth and success.

Increase business opportunities and revenue: Vastu says that the northeast is the direction that influences the prosperity and financial strength of a business. It is suggested that the marketing team, responsible to get in business for a business should be placed in this direction.

The washroom/s: All offices will have washrooms. But as per Vastu washrooms and toilets are associated with negative energies. But, they are a must. To ensure that the negative energies from the washrooms and toilets do not hamper the progress of the business, they should be placed in the northeast or the southeast directions. 

The furniture: As per Vastu guidelines, you should avoid using irregular shapes or even L-shape furniture in the business office. The vest is to have a square or rectangular-shaped desk and workstations. These will help in attracting positive energies into the area and maintain a cordial atmosphere for everyone to work. 

The workstation: The placement of the employee desks and the workstations should be planned in such a way that all of them should face the north or the east for maximum productivity.   

The accounts section: This is a vital aspect for every business. Vastu suggests that the accounts staff, especially the ones who handle money should be placed in the southeast, with their seat facing the north or the east. 

The lobby or the reception: The reception or the lobby area of an office is vital for any business. It is the place where existing and new business sources arrive and hence should be relaxing and easy. This area should be in the east or the northeast direction and should have a comfortable atmosphere with easy sitting. 

The entrance: Vastu recommends having the entrance of the business office be in the north, northeast, or northwest direction. The entrance door should not open into an interior wall, as it can obstruct the flow of positive energy inside.  

The direction: Vastu suggests that the owner of the business should have his room towards the southwest direction with his desk placed in such a direction that when he sits, he faces then north. The place where his desk is placed should have a wall at the back and not any window or any glass structure.