Vastu for Bathroom


Our homes, where we live, have the power to give us comfort and security and also are one of our best investments. But, many of us may not be aware of it that if we are creating a positive and life-supporting place to live. And that is why many of us report losses, poor health, financial problems, and other hurdles in life after moving to a new house or after they have done any renovation work. 

Vastu, the ancient science of architecture and the most complete system known to us, emphasizes the environment and everything that surrounds us. It involves all objects and elements that surround – earth, air, water, fire and space, and the planets in our solar system including the sun and the moon.  Vastu considers building a house in synergy with orientation, placement of rooms, proportions and measurements, slope and shape of the land, location of bodies of water, and other environmental and empathic influences.

Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu had specific prescriptions for every area of a home, from your children's bedroom to the home office, the meditation room to your kitchen, and even for the bathroom and toilet in terms of their direction and position. 

Specific importance has been given to bathrooms and toilets as they are the biggest source of negative energy in any home, and they are the places in a home that is not given so much importance and treatment, as given to the other areas. However, as per Vastu, putting in the effort to rebuild a bathroom according to the guidelines prescribed can reap rewards for you, and may even make it a place for positive energies for the house.  

If you are constructing or remodeling a new bathroom or toilet in your home, here are some Vastu guidelines that will ensure that it helps create an overall positive environment at your home and for all the family members.

Vastu suggests having the bathroom or toilet made in the north or northwest part of the house. Never built the bathing area in the south, the southeast, or the southwest directions, as these directions could have negative impacts on the health of the people living in the house. The toilet should be constructed 2 feet higher than the ground level.

The doors of the bathroom should face the north or east directions. Avoid metal doors in your bathroom. Wooden doors are considered the best. Never put any pictures or images or ornate statues of gods and goddesses on the bathroom door. Avoid putting tiles in the bathroom that have images of gods and goddesses. The doors of the bathroom should be kept closed at all times, as keeping it open would pervade negative energies into the house and in your relationships. 

Vastu principles recommend the use of lighter shades in the bathroom. White, cream, or beige is the ideal colors. Avoid darker shades like black or dark blue and even red on the bathroom walls. Using of dark tiles should also be avoided inside the bathroom. Lighter shades are good from the cleanliness aspect too. 

Bathroom walls also have to do in Vastu. If the bathroom is in the bedroom, the placement of the bed should be near or on the bathroom wall. It is always best to avoid having the bathroom wall shared with your bedroom, kitchen, and any sanctified area like the pooja room. 

If you want the bathroom of your house to be Vastu compliant, it is better to plan at the construction stages, as it might be difficult to implement changes at a later stage. For more details of Vastu for Bathroom, visit us online at


If you plan to put a washing machine in the bathroom, place it in the southeast or northwest direction. 

The washbasin inside the bathroom should be put in the east, north, or northeast part. 

If you want windows in your bathroom, they should face the east or northeast direction. So should be the exhaust fan for ventilation. 

Electrical fittings such as geysers should be on the southeast side of the bathroom.

The mirror in the bathroom should be placed on the eastern or the northern wall.

Bathroom utilities and fixtures 

Sharing of the bathroom wall

The color of the bathroom/ toilet

The doors of the bathroom

The direction of your bathroom