Vastu Shastra



Managing the things according to the vastu is an important and traditional factor. Everyone wants to have good health and wealth and for that vastu plays an important role as it is vital to decide the positive and negative energies in the homes of people. Organizing things according to vastu is important to ensure the positivity in your building, may it be home, office, restaurant, gardens, shops or anything.



The direction of the building is important to make sure as it makes the living more comfortable that leads to good health and prosperity. Directions are directly responsible for the rotation of planets. There are eight directions i.e. North, South, East, West, North-East, South-East, South-West, North- West. According to Vastu Shastra, it will be beneficial for our health, success and prosperity if we worship these directions.



It means the knowledge and the study of the directions and layout of the building to make the vibes more positive and peaceful. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable at some place because of the negativity or not built up according to the Vastu. We can say that Vastu shastra is a science as it works scientifically in combining all the five elements of nature. It is very crucial to maintain a balance in the environment for well-being, prosperity and good luck.

Here are some vastu shastra tips that can be kept in mind:

● While selecting the entrance of the building, make sure to keep it in the north or east direction. Always keep the entrance bright and lit and prefer a solid wood door. Do not put the shoe rack or footwear in the entrance as it is considered that it blocks the positivity.

● Place a picture of god on the entrance wall, don’t keep it naked.

● Always keep your bedroom full of natural lights in the daytime as flow of fresh air and energy is very important. Keep minimum furniture in your bedroom and should be in the south-west direction.

● Organize your wall with sceneries of river, flowing water, goldfish for the good luck of your life. Try to place the larger painting as it will attract more positive energy, fresh air, natural lights. There should be a place from where your home gets sunlight and fresh air, it is very important for prosperity of your home.

● Place an aquarium in the north-east position to keep the flow of energy well organized in your home.

● Let’s talk about the food factory of home “kitchen”. Do not place the sink and kitchen stove in the same line as it will lead to Collision of two elements, fire and water.

● You can also put a fountain at the entrance or a small garden outside the window which will add positive energy and fresh air to your home. The right direction to put a fountain is north-east and keep a check on the flow of water. The flow of water means positivity in the house.

Elements of Vastu Shastra

The five elements of Vaastu are earth, fire, water, sky, and space that plays an important role in one’s happiness and prosperity. You need to make balance among all the elements if you wish for well-being.

Earth: It means the land. Selection of land according to Vaastu has become very important in Vaastu element. There should be proper inspection of soil, shape of the land, its direction before entering a building or constructing the piece of land.

Water: Water is also an important element, rain, sea, rivers and oceans are considered as water elements. They should be placed in proper direction like if you have an aquarium at your home, it should be placed in north-east direction to be considered as auspicious.

Fire: The best direction for Fire is south-east. For example, you should place your kitchen fire in south-east with proper ventilation for sunlight.

Air: It means the various gases present on the earth like oxygen, nitrogen, etc that are present in different percentage to make a balance in the atmosphere.

Space: It consists of constellations, stars, moon, galaxies including all the planets known as “brahamand”. In earlier times, people used to prefer open space houses or leave some space in the center of the house for the positivity in the house.