Vastu Colors for Home


If you are remodeling your home or building a new one, there are a lot of good reasons to decide the right colors for your home. Colors have the power to transform the way we feel, inspire and live our lives. The colors of our home have a significant influence on us and all others staying in the house. 

As per Vastu, a house is divided into multiple directions and sub-directions, and each of these directions has colors that work best in the particular direction. We are bounded by colors in every aspect of our lives, right from the most scenic places in the world to the television screen in front of our eyes. Every color that we know about has astounding effects on our emotions, mental conditions, and our thought process. 

For a life full of happiness, wealth, good health, and prosperity, it is vital that we live in a space surrounded by positive and attractive energies and which send positive vibrations. Vastu, the science of architecture, explains the importance of using the right colors in the right room for a happy and peaceful life. Colors represent a person's taste, his nature, and his lifestyle which must be positive and welcoming for others.

Here are some colors for different areas of your house as per the principles of Vastu:

The living room of a house depicts serenity, cheerfulness, and healing. Colors like white, yellow, green, and blue are considered good. Putting beige as a color for your living rooms can provide calmness and relaxation. The use of lighter shades keeps the atmosphere happy and peaceful and allows the flow of positive energies. Avoid using darker shades as it might invite negative energies. 

Dining space is the place in a house that binds all the members of the house over meals, and as per Vastu, the dining space should have warmth. The shade of pink or orange or peach is best. You may also use lighter shades of green or blue and let positivity rule the space making the bonds between the family members stronger. Avoid using a combination of white and black in the dining space as these can bring unwanted negative energy into your life and your family. 

The kitchen is the place of Agni – the God of Fire and hence should be adorned with colors that pay homage to him. Pallets of orange, yellow, red, or saffron are best for the kitchen as per Vastu guidelines. Vastu says that the kitchen should have a hint of red, it is considered good. 

Make sure that the kitchen is not painted dark or gloomy. So, stay away from the shades of grey, brown, and black. You must avoid the color blue, as blue is the color of Varuna, the god of water. 

The bedroom is a very special place in a house. Vastu suggests the use of colors that are of warm and soothing nature that deepens your bond with your partner and helps keep conflicts at bay. Young couples can go for lighter shades of pink or red that represent love, passion, and bond. If you want your bedroom to be relaxing, lighter shades of blue or green are good. Shades of brown are also considered good as it encourages stability and keeps your grounded. Avoid darker shades and especially red. 

Vastu suggests that your bathroom should be of lighter shades like white, beige, cream, light yellow, and brown. These colors add positivity to your bathroom. Using light green in the bathroom adds a healing touch to the bathroom, whereas lighter shades of blue are a great choice. Never use darker shades in the bathroom as they may look smaller and bring about negativity. 

Our lives will be dull and have no meaning without the presence of colors. Follow these Vastu guidelines while selecting the colors of the different spaces in your house and allow positivity, prosperity, and tranquility to prevail. 

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