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Gudi Padwa 2021, 13th April 2021

The Festival of Gudi Padwa refers to the beginning of the civil year for the Hindus. It is the most celebrated festival in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. It marks the onset of New Year day for Telugu New Year known as Ugadi, for Marathi community, Sindhi New Year called as Cheti Chand, Kashmiri New Year called as Navreh and Kannada New Year are known as Yugadi. Lord Vishnu is worshipped during this festival. According to mythology, Lord Vishnu asked the gods to keep his loved ones healthy and prosperous. It starts from the month of March or April according to the Gregorian calendar. This month is called Chaitra according to the Hindu calendar. The festival Chaitra Navratri also starts from this month. Gudi stands for ‘flag’ and Padwa refers to the first day of each fortnight in a Lunar month. Gudi Padwa has its importance. Spring season pops out its beautiful colors and just harvested Rabi crop is celebrated. Marathi people believe that the universe was created on this day by Lord Brahma. The great Maharashtrian ruler, Shivaji Maharaj conquered Maratha territory and celebrated his victory with the festival of Gudi Padwa. There is some mythological story related to Gudi Padwa. On this day, Lord Rama, the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after saving Goddess Sita and killing Ravana. He came back to his home after fourteen years of exile. At dusk or before sunrise, the sun is extremely auspicious. People pray to God for prosperity. Couples pray to god Brahma and Vishnu to keep their love perpetual. Astrologically this festival holds lots of significance. You can know about it by visiting our website and by clicking on talk to an astrologer online.  
RITUALS OF THE FESTIVAL Festivals in India are celebrated with full joy. It gives an opportunity for a family to gather together. Members of the family clean the house and prepare for the spring season. Houses are beautifully decorated with mango leaves. Devotees wake up early before dawn to acquire the purity of the sun and become aware of their inner selves. New clothes are worn by family members.  
Gudi (doll) is placed on the right side of the main entrance. It symbolizes victory over evil and also brings luck and well-being. Neem leaves or pastes made from jaggery, neem, and tamarind are consumed first. Besides this ritual, it is believed that consuming it first thing in the morning helps in the purification of blood and strengthen the immune system. Beautiful and colorful rangoli is made. On this special occasion, special food is prepared. Popular Maharashtrian dish Puranpoli, drink made from mango pulp Aam Panna, Sabudana khichdi along with some other dishes is made. Dessert like Shrikhand is prepared which is eaten with an Indian bread called Poori. This festival is celebrated with grandeur. All family members gather and pray together to Lord Vishnu for good health, wisdom and to strengthen their bonds. This day is also considered auspicious for buying new things like gold or a vehicle.  
ASTROLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE The lord of the first day of a new year is considered as the Lord of the entire year. The sun is in the first zodiac sign i.e., Aries on the New Moon Day on Gudi Padwa. It is the most important harvest season in Punjab and Haryana, celebrated as Baisakhi. Refer to online astrology and know about stars and their significance with Gudi Padwa.  
Gudi Padwa 2021 
13 April Prathama Tithi Begins – 07:59 (12 April 2021, Monday) Prathama Tithi Ends – 10:16 (13 April 2021, Tuesday)  
The customs and rituals may vary from region to region but this festival of colors unites the people, regions, and societies. 
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