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 Good Friday 2021

Good Friday is marked as the day when Jesus was crucified on the cross for sinners. On this day we remember what Jesus has done for us on the cross. He was mocked, beaten up and carried a huge wooden cross on His shoulders throughout the city and was crucified on Golgotha (Skull hill). He was crushed for our iniquities, he was pierced for our transgressions; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds, we are healed. We need atonement for our sins, forgiveness for our sins, our sins need to be washed away from every one of us.

In the traditional way from the Old Testament for the atonement of our sins there need to be a blood sacrifice of an animal. So for this purpose, Jesus came to this earth and gave His life on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins to be forgiven. Christians believe that the prophecy about Jesus by a prophet hundreds of years back before Jesus was born came true. Jesus Son of God was crucified, died, buried and rose again on the third day (celebrated as Easter- the Resurrection day). From the scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:3.

Friday, 2 April is the date of Good Friday this year. According to the Gregorian calendar, the date of Good Friday changes every year. On this many people express the desire to have an open heart, a loving heart, a compassionate heart, as Jesus showed us. The most important thing that Christians need to have is a forgiving heart as Jesus has forgiven us. Christians practice church services and fasting on Good Friday. There will be fasting for 40 days known as ‘Lent days’ before Good Friday. Good Friday is generally a Holiday in most parts of the World.

Jesus had to die awfully, but consider this, on top of all the physical pain, he also endured the weight of the world’s sin on the cross. Yours, mine and everyone. Someone had to take the punishment and Jesus didn’t hesitate to think about it. Without Jesus’ death, we could never know Him. We could never have eternal life. Salvation is so important for our souls, Jesus dies for our Salvation so that we can be saved, saying that we are worth it. Well, how do you open your heart?

Jesus on the cross breaks your heart. He breaks it open. When you look at the crucifixion you experience compassion. Good Friday is not for showing how right we are, it is to realize how our sins are washed and forgiven by the Lord Jesus Christ and the freedom from our sins. This is the day of mourning in some parts of the world. Here’s how you & your family can spend time on this day!


  • Going To Church

There’s nothing more self-satisfying than the service of humanity. You can take your friends to the church with you and make them experience the sacrifice of our sins. The intense positivity inside a Church will give you peace and more connection with God. So, you must not forget to visit the Holy Church!


  • Eating Cross Bun’s On This Day

There is a saying that in 1361 A.D., There was a priest that offered cross buns on the morning of Good Friday. Ever since then, it became a tradition! Thus, you can even choose a small offering of the buns in your neighborhood this Good Friday.

Though, It was a Black Friday But It Was A Good Friday

This 2nd of April, wear black from head to toe. Wearing black in Christian belief symbolizes the mourning of a great loss. In an amazing act of condescension, That Christ died for us, sinners. It is good because Jesus died for something good which is to bear our sins and wash away our sins as white as snow.

  • Pray During Sacred Hours

The best time to remember God’s efforts for mankind on Good Friday is from Noon to 3 PM as this was the time Jesus Christ was on the Holy Cross. These hours are also called the hours of Agony.


  • Reading The Holy Bible

As part of the tradition, reading the Bible on Good Friday is considered to be a huge act of understanding about God’s efforts for humanity. The highly recommended part of the Holy Bible is the chapter on “passion”, the Passion of Christ to die for us. Therefore, you must not forget to read the Bible and learn more about the Lord.


  • What Good Friday Teaches Us!

·       Forgiving others – as God has forgiven our sins through Christ we need to forgive others.

·      Finding sympathy and reliability in our beliefs - Good Friday is a time for us to remember that our beliefs will

       always be challenged and tested, just like they were back then.

·       The power of being understanding.

·       It is okay to feel sad significantly and there is always hope no matter how  terrible a situation can be. Life can

       give us very hard times, feeling sorry about them is not wrong or shameful.

·       Real love is beyond what we can sometimes understand. God’s intimacy for us was and still is selfless. Jesus'

       attachment to us is selfless.

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