Virgo Horoscope 2021


From August 23 to September 3, ruled by the Sun and Mercury, the Virgo natives will always do things 
that others don't do in 2021 because they know that certain things need to be done. 
2nd decan: governed by Venus and Mercury from September 4 to September 13, those Virgoans who 
are born during the second decan will amaze everyone around by their narrative ability and their 
imaginative existence.

3rd decan: double-ruled by Mercury from September 14 to September 23-In 2021, those born in the 
third decan will look for the perfect relationship, the ideal family, and they will want the perfect work. 
An ideal year for marriage, or rising through some union, and many are likely to become parents or give 
birth to some new ideas in this sign. There is a need for some restrictions or putting in some structure 
until May, and a period of rising enters your life from then until September. You may need to keep a 
watch over August / September on the scales and your diet. 

For Virgo, Personal Opportunities: 

Belief in yourself and an improved approach to life is where the greatest possibilities reside. Until late 
September 2020, Jupiter will stay in your sign which will benefit you if you want to move forward in your 
life. In the middle of the year, some extra luck is still around you. 

Personal Limitations for Virgo: 

Encourage new people without feeling threatened to enter your life, and learn to stand up for yourself. 
You now have no excuse to feel diminished by other people, since you are a free member of every team 
you join in 2021. 

Due to personal commitment, and some luck that occurs in joint partnerships, you will move forward this 
year. A new financial partnership may also be entered into and talks will begin in April. Be mindful of 
over-engagement and read all the fine print in August when signing contracts. 

You now have a surprise world and unexpected events and circumstances that are passing through your 
relationship market. It is fair to expect that transition will take place here. You are now more drawn to 
other individuals who are distinctive, so there are new friendships and group participation. Many are 
going to build new romances or find those that intensify from May beginning in 2018. Either fly or look 
away from your usual location to find such a person if you are seeking a partner. The days around the 
October 14 Solar Eclipse have a special meaning for you. 

Many of them will have two jobs this year, especially from April to August. You will notice additional 
excitement for work from mid-August to late September and you will be busiest in this period. There 
could be financial incentives in September. To succeed in your career life, you can take support of your 
wife. Because of the Rahu staying in the 9 th House, you need to work more hard in order to accomplish 
your goals. 

When Jupiter is in your sign, with one exception, you are inclined to be healthier. With a rise in weight 
possible, this planet likes to party and engage in pleasurable pursuits. However, it will be time to start 
more suitable food and fitness regimes from May for the fitness-conscious. 
Ruling Planet -Mercury 
The conventional ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury. Chiron (discovered 1977) now rules xthis sign, with 
Mercury ruling Gemini, among modern Astrological thought. The Chiron myth speaks of a major healer 
who lived in the forest's caves, with a strong knowledge of plant and animal lore. 

Ruling Symbol - The Virgin 
The Virgin all signs are represented by a symbol, and by looking closely to these symbols, you can find 
that they reflect many of their sign characteristics. Virgo's icon is the virgin. With an ear of maize and a 
child on her lap, she is always portrayed suggesting fertility and what work needs to be done to produce 
it. This is a pure, unspoiled, even chaste condition and a desire for beauty and purity. The Roman 
Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres, is like her. 

You will need to rekindle romantic opportunities by the end of this year; love is a fire that should be fed 
otherwise it starves. On November 21st, with Jupiter moving to Aquarius, make sure that you give your 
partner plenty of romance, commitment, and compassion and continue to make an effort for each other. 
You will be praised for doing so. Otherwise, all is good, and with a feeling of warmth, success, and 
contentment, you finish the year. 
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