Leo Horoscope 2021

Leo Horoscope 2021

You leap into this year in victory mode, the King or Queen of the jungle, with Venus in Sagittarius 
blessing you with bountiful opportunities. You can find fame, fresh offers, and a flourishing love life 
awaiting you, to begin with. This is also a wonderful stage for those of you with creative inclinations, even though you may start on a low ebb financially. There is an activation of the inner seeker and a desire for 
development and meaning. You must begin 2021 with a health emphasis, which should be a priority. 
Your set disposition is going to dig in very happily to get things sorted. Avoid taking loans otherwise, it 
will be difficult to repay.

It will be easy for you to forge romantic allegiances and new friendships by February because you are 
immediately magnetized by Venus moving into Aquarius on the 21st. At work, there can be some 
obstacles that will really test and drive you. Chances are a great deal of the challenges that will stem 
from a lack of self-belief or a knock of confidence. Be the best friend of your own and have your own 
back. The lowly master of the 6th house will hinder your love life. Show seriousness in the relationship. 
You are going to see that you are stronger than you thought. Often your inner kitten wants your lion's 
side to be soothed. As Mercury passes into Aquarius on the 11th, March is a month that needs plenty of 
gentlenesses. Things are stable and if you put in the effort, they can be driven to be even better. You 
need to make sure your devotion to health is lasting. This is a good check-in moment.

Your hard work pays off tremendously by April and you seem to have the Midas touch, changing your 
career is strong and imaginative ways because of the intuitive perception of Mars in Pisces, a transit that 
takes place on the 1st. There will be a loss financially, and the best will be accomplished through any 
rivalry or competition at work. It is also likely that somebody popular would fall for you! Do not be 
negligent in the work field, there may be a loss of respect.

Venus in Taurus on May 4th brings peace and quietness to your disposition that makes you settle in for 
the long haul. May is a month of focus on job matters and a wonderful time for those seeking a change 
or who are unemployed. For your romantic world, this is also a lovely time and a gregarious partner can 
burst onto the scene. This is a strong month financially, and you are going to feel motivated and keyed 
up for what's ahead. You would like to consider setting goals that are personal or professional.

By July, thanks to Mars in Leo on the 20th, you might need to fix difficulties in your love life, including tiny 
flairs of temper or quarrels. It can happen to discuss your ego and how it gets in your way. This is a time 
of re-education and self-reflection.

If you are interested in some legal matter, then before making a move, it will be best to wait a little while. 
When you come across the correct moment and move on your part should be taken. You should pay 
attention to the welfare of your life partner as it may linger in low spirits, which may also provide some of 
your economic resources.

Other than that, for your children, 2021 will be much better. Monitor your children and avoid getting into 
the wrong company. In every field of life, Leo indigenous children will achieve success. Their success will 
also be an explanation for your happiness. It can also be said that, from your children's point of view, this 
year will remain very prosperous.

As you spend more than you take in, August can cause a dip in finances, but your high confidence can 
very easily correct this alongside any relationship problems. On the 11th, the influence of Venus in Virgo 
fine-tunes you to the little details you would otherwise have overlooked. September brings a rise in 
revenue, so if you want to do well, you must examine your spending patterns. Your personal life will be 
smooth as silk as the year closes and you will enjoy mental peace that fosters good health. Your 
financial status may need a little tweaking, so the way you round off 2021 is to link all loose ends 

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