Capricorn Horoscope 2021


2021 will start with a need of help from others. You will be encouraged to build network and link as 
Venus transitions into Sagittarius on the 4th. You can learn to rely a little more on others and see how 
much you can accomplish when you collaborate. For Capricorns, who have an interest in fashion or work 
in the industry, this is a very favorable time and also a wonderful period for friendship and expansion. 
Your professional energy is at its highest and you will have the drive and excitement to accomplish 
something to which you have set your mind. 

Venus transitions into Aquarius on February 21st and you reap financial prosperity and your hard work 
intensifies your monetary benefit and reward. This is a strong opportunity to bring more into your 
profession. This is a reminder that sustained hard work will accomplish the life that you dream of. For 
your self-confidence and health, this month is also simply fantastic. As Venus moves into go-getting 
Aries on the 10th, April will cause property-related benefit and allow you to buy a new home or finally get 
your foot on the property ladder. You may be dogged by a low mood that is typical of those ruled by the 
planet of Saturn, which can take a very sober view of life.

It can make a big difference to change your habits and develop positive routines here, so take a look at 
what is and not working in your life at the moment. Your concentration and discipline at work will push 
you towards promotion. Your love life, as well as your future, starts to take off as we step into May and 
Venus moves into Taurus on the 4th and you feel optimistic about things. What's so powerful about this 
time is that in all ways you can get the outcomes you want; all you need to do is be mindful of what you 

At work, if the change is to be made, you can take charge and become a little more assertive. Also, your 
hidden personality will emerge this year. It will be necessary to step beyond any shyness. Relationships 
and marriages, as well as relationships with children and friends, will flourish. Venus passes into Cancer 
by June 22nd, and you can live a very spacious and bountiful life- as a leader, King, or Queen, anything 
you want can be yours.

For those of you who are single and searching, this may be a time when a new love is found. Also, 
Distance will increase in relationships but when you show understanding, as soon as Saturn is on the 
way, there will be harmony in the relationship. 

Before doing any new work remember Lord Vishnu for great benefits. Things are financially fine, so you 
should not make any investments. There could be some delays at work as we head into summer and 
exercising diligence and prudence will get you a long way. Nevertheless, you show up ready and without 
hesitation to succeed. Your gusto means that you want to do things! You may feel depressed and 
stressed, and there may be a tendency to turn to bad relief factors, such as smoking, drinking, and 

It will offer greater long-term relief by curbing these impulses with more wholesome behaviors. As 
Mercury passes into diplomatic Libra on the 22nd, September brings professional success and gratitude. 
Surrounding long-standing tasks, there is a feeling of completion. Thanks to problems that you overcome 
quickly, you can develop in the workplace. 

If you want to marry, then it's very nice for the year to decide the same thing. The year will bring several 
successful marriage proposals that you should accept, starting from January 2021. The positive thing is 
that you can marry a person you have known for years. But for the married couple, there is a possibility 
of bitterness in the life of husband and wife. 

The competition will drive you to develop because you like to prove your worth, but not competitive in the 
same way as the Aries natives. Know that, regardless of your successes, you have meaning. The end of 
this year is optimistic and prosperous for you, especially romantically, but you need to be cautious 
financially and professionally. So, stick to your routines and behaviors and note that friends are never far 
from contact. Your mood can be a little poor. No man or woman is an island, either!

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