2019 Tarot Readings

Many of us consult the Tarot for specific time frames, most commonly either for a single day or year. The present reading is meant for all those who wish to gauge the upcoming year 2019 with the Tarot cards for 2019. It is a version of the popular reading "the Path" by Tarot, drawing a line from the past towards the future, considering hindrances and positive forces and the impact on our plans and fortune.

Of course you may define your very own question in a more narrow way than presented in this reading. Why not adapt it to "relationship & love 2019", "my job in 2019" or "my health in 2019"

Please do note that the Tarot cards do not provide you with a horoscope for 2019. The cards help you to better understand upcoming 2019 and you are advised to keep as much of an open mind as possible. The cards for 2019 are an inspiration and do not represent a certain and predestined fate.There is, however, a subtle difference between living in la-la land and manifesting the destiny you know is within your grasp. In 2019 you get to master this fascinating lesson.