2021 Numerology Predictions

Numerology Prediction 2021

Numerology is a separate part of astrology. It is the study of numbers that holds significance in your life. You can unleash information about yourself or the world through numerology. Numerologists believe that the universe is made up of basic elements. Once broken we will be left with these basic elements that are NUMBERS. By equating numbers, a numerologist takes multiple elements of an individual and uncover the reality through different methods. The very thought of knowing the science behind the numbers excites a person. Give satisfaction to your excitement by visiting our website and talk to an astrologer online.

The history of numerology is not well predicted but we do know that earlier records of numerology were found in Babylon and Egypt. Also, it was used a thousand years ago in Japan, China, Greece, and Rome. Pythagoras is credited for modern-day numerology. However, it is not well-known that he is the one who discovered the study of numbers. Though his theories took numbers to a completely different level. These theories proved to be vital for crediting Pythagoras for modern-day numerology. The name numerology was given by Dr. Julian Stenton. He introduced it in the modern world with more awareness and recognition.

Numerology is a complicated process. But we have some of the best astrologers in India that makes your task easy. They provide you with a detailed reading. The basic idea behind numerology is that your birth name, birth date, and several other factors encircling a person, affect the cosmos and our life. Numerology can provide astonishing insights about an individual.

Numerology involves a lot of calculations. it takes into consideration some numbers carrying different meanings. It takes into account an in-depth understanding of this calculation and reveals the result. We know very well how infinite numbers can be. A numerology chart of a person can be read from several viewpoints as an ongoing project.

Numerology reading is fun and full of surprises. A riddle that needs to be solved. Numerology holds an answer to our shrouded mystery. There is a life path number in numerology. This tells us about where our life could be in near future. It reflects upon your personality and traits. Besides, it reveals who you are and what you should be. A life path number also indicates upcoming opportunities or challenges that an individual might face. Along with this, it mentions ways to tackle it and tells us about a lesson that one should learn along the way. Each life path number holds a different meaning. It is calculated by adding up full numbers in the date of birth.

Example: - February 4th, 1996, add the date 4 with the month that is 2 which would be equal to 2+4=6.

Now add each digit of the birth year, 1+9+9+6= 25. By adding the two-digit number that we get, we would get a single digit, 2+5=7.

Now, add the final answers together, 6+7= 13.

This may sound complicated but it's easy for numerologists. They are experienced and well-skilled in their profession.

Once you have your life plan number you can easily know what it says about you and your life. This is the reason why people search for the best astrologers online to get insights into their life. Similarly, there are different numbers in numerology that hold significance.

An expression or destiny number tells you about your goals, desires, and abilities. It may also delve into and make you aware of any inherent trait that you might carry. In numerology, the Soul urge number is also referred to as the heart's desire number. It is a reflection of your true inner self. A person often recognizes the truth about themselves after getting to know about their soul urge number. Numerology personality number shows which side of yourself you want people to see. We hide our true selves and wear a veil of personality that pleases others. However, many a time we don't realize if we are doing this intentionally or is just the result of our consciousness. This is calculated by using all the consonants in the name and then adding the numbers associated with those letters. Birthday numbers in numerology unplugs our destiny. The number is based on the exact date of birth. It unveils talents, gifts, and life purposes when combined with the life path number.

Our numerologists hold a belief that each number has its significance, qualities, and obstacles. Different numbers can lead to different surroundings and actions. Our website is there to help you assist by providing the best astrologers in India who are skilled in numerology.