Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha

'Pitru Paksha' is a Sanskrit word, meaning – the fortnight of the ancestors. According to the Hindu culture, Pitru Paksha is sixteen lunar days, when the Hindus pay their homage to their ancestors. It is the period when we Hindus remember our ancestors ('pitru in Sanskrit), we perform certain rituals for the upliftment of our pitru.


According to Hindu mythological believes, we considered that our pitrus visits us during this period in the form of subtle energies and grants our offerings. It is during this period (beginning the first full moon, after Ganesh Chaturthi, and ending with the new moon) we get an opportunity to honor our ancestors in their spiritual form, who have been responsible for our intellectual and moral developments. We should always respect our ancestors, and there is no better way than this to do so.


The origin of Pitru Paksha

 The story revolves around the Mahabharata war, when after the death of King Karna, and his soul ascending to heaven. On his arrival at heaven, King Karna was offered valuables and gold ornaments, instead of food to eat. On realizing that he cannot keep going on these valuables, he asked the Lord of Heaven, Swami Indra, about the same.

On this Swami Indra told King Karna, that his whole life, he has donated these ornaments as charity and never donated food to his ancestors. But King Karna argued that he didn't even know, who his ancestors are. On this, Swami Indra, agreed on sending King Karna back on earth for fifteen days, so that he cooks food for his ancestors and donates them. It was from this time, Pitru Paksha started to be observed all across the Hindu religion.



The significance of Pitru Paksha

Within sixteen days of Pitru Paksha, Hindus pay homage to their pitrus (ancestors), who have left us. We offer a variety of dishes and other foods to the cows, dogs, and crows during this time.

As per the Hindu mythological believes, we owe certain karmic debts to our ancestors. By whole-heartedly performing ‘pind daan’ or ‘shradh’, we make it a point to try and pay it back to our ancestors. This can also be considered as an opportunity to make our ancestors happy in their realm. By giving foods and offerings to animals and birds, it is believed that it directly reaches our deceased ancestors and pleases them.


Why is it so important, and what significance does it carry for our ancestors?

After we have been released from the circle of life and death on Earth, three of our preceding generations hosts themselves in the world that lies between the Earth and the Heaven, and 'Yam' or 'Yama' (the God of Death) is the ruler of this world. In this world, our ancestors are not able to seek respite from their physical needs of hunger, thirst, heat, and, pain. It is only our offerings and our worship performed on Earth, provides them the much-needed relief after their death and ensures their progress to heaven.


Paying respect and tribute to the departed souls of our ancestors is considered a sacred ritual in the Hindu culture, known as 'Tarpana' – meaning offerings. The period of Shradh is associated with performing the ritual Tarpan, to honor the departed souls of our ancestors.


Pitru Dosha

We in the Hindu culture seriously consider Pitru Dosh (meaning Karmic debt of our ancestors which comes to a serious obligation of us – the present generation). As per the Vedic astrological understanding, afflictions in our horoscope may appear, if our ancestors might have committed some sin or misdoing or any evil act, knowingly or unknowingly. Such sins committed by our ancestors appear as evil debts on the horoscopes of the later generations. So, to overcome or nullify these ill-effects of the Pitru Dosha, rituals of Shradh are performed. It is done to please the souls of our ancestors, and seek relief from the ill impacts of their sins.


Pitru Dosha is a serious consideration in astrological beliefs. The presence of Pirtu Dosha in someone's horoscope is considered ill and keeps him or her away from all the auspicious cosmic benefits linked in the horoscope like health, wealth, career, and family.

Performing ‘Shradh’ on Pitru Paksha, you will be benefitted with:

  • Harmonious and cordial family relationships.
  • Respite from all physical and mental ailments, and
  • Gain financial stability and most importantly, peace of mind.



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