Baisakhi 2021


Vaisakhi celebrates the existence of the Sikh Community known as Khalsa. In the year 1699 Guru Gobind Singh called the Sikhs from all over India to Anandpur Sahib to support the faith and preserve the Sikh religion. When Guru Gobind Singh called all the Sikhs he took out his sword and ask them that will they give their lives to preserve their culture and then voluntarily five men came forward though Guru Govind Singh didn't kill them they are names "The Panj Pyare" and they were the first five members of Khalsa Group who comprised 5 k's of purity and courage.  The 5 k's of the Khalsa community are the Kesh (uncut hair), the Kangha (comb), the Katchera (underwear), the Kara (steel ring), and the Kirpan (sword). For the very first time on Vaisakhi, Guru Govind Singh let the 5 disciples’ taste "Amrit".

Vaisakhi is the Spring Harvest festival and also marks the Solar New Year for Sikhs that is celebrated on 13th or 14th April every year. Once in 36 years, it is celebrated on 14th April. Vaisakhi is marked as the most important festival for Sikhs and Hindus and celebrated with lots of vigor and pride in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Vaisakhi is celebrated all over India and it is known by different names in different regions like Rongali Bihu in Assam, Rongali Bihu in West Bengal, Vaishakha in Bihar, Vishu in Kerala, and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu.

To remove the caste discrimination among Sikhs Guru Govind Singh put their surnames of men as "Singh" which means lion and women as "Kaur" which means princess. On the day of Vaisakhi, farmers get up early in the morning, take baths, wear new clothes, and go to their fields to ripe Rabi crops as Vaisakhi marks the harvesting of crops. Gurdwaras and temples are decorated with lights and flowers and Kadhah Prashad is served to complete the rituals and traditions and there are so many fares and functions are conducted to make this day more important. The Holy Guru Granth Sahib is bathed in milk and water and then kept back on the throne. "Jatta aayi Vaisakhi" is the most popular song that is played on this day in every house and field. Every men and woman perform Bhangra and Gidda respectively and enjoy on dhol; kirtans and bhajans are sung on the day in the gurdwara and like in any other festival different food and sweets are made same in Vaisakhi lots of delicious food is made at home like any Coconut Laddoo, Sarson ka Saag, Makki ki Roti, Pindi Chana Bhatura, Biriyani, Dry Fruit Kheer, Til Gajak, Wheat Flour Laddu, Carrot Halwa and Peele Chawal. The festival of Vaisakhi marks a lot of importance and significance in the life of farmers. They celebrate this day as Thanksgiving for their crops and seek blessings for a good agriculture season.

The festival of Vaisakhi is also important for the astrological significance as the Sun enters into the Mesh Rashi. This is why people also call Vaisakhi as Mesha Sakranti.

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