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Venus is the goddess of beauty. Which is also considered a female planet in astrology. Who 
is the lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Those who are also considered as Daityaguru. 
Those who make yoga from marriage to child in the horoscope of the native. Venus is also 
considered to be a benefit factor. Happiness and prosperity in life also comes from the 
auspicious effects of Venus. Venus creates attraction towards art in the native. Develop 
artistry. It is very important for Venus to be weak or strong in the horoscope of the native, 
while Venus in Pisces is high, then it is considered low in Virgo. Venus which has a special 
identity by its brightness in the sky before sunrise and after sunset. He has friendship with 
Saturn, Mercury and Ketu, so he has a hostile relationship with Sun, Moon and Rahu. Their 
relationship with Mars and Jupiter is normal. Venus is the planet we call the star of dawn. 
Changing the sign of Venus is an important activity from astrological point of view. You will 
get information about the transit of Venus, when Venus will change its zodiac sign and what 
will be the effect of the transit of Venus on your zodiac sign?