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Solar eclipse is just an astronomical event in the eyes of scientists. But it also has socio- 
cultural, religious-spiritual and astrological significance in India. Eclipse period is considered 
to be good for bathing, charity etc. According to astrology, the person of eclipse, that is, the 
life of a person can have a lot of negative effects. For this reason, the sutak starts before 
the eclipse period. In order to avoid negative effects of eclipse, many astrologers have 
suggested many things to do and not to do during eclipse. 
Eclipse is taught in books since childhood that science also confirms that the rays 
emanating from the sun during the eclipse have negative effects on a person's health, so it 
also strengthens the truth of astrological beliefs. . This is why worshiping the Sun God 
during the solar eclipse and bathing at the holy pilgrimage sites are important. 
The Sun God is also considered in astrology as a planetary father. Solar eclipse always 
occurs on Amavasya Tithi. Because on this day the Sun Moon and Earth are in a straight 
line. Science believes that when the Earth Moon and Sun are in a straight line, then the 
Moon covers the Sun, so that the Sun appears partial, annular or complete. This situation, 
however, remains for some time.