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Sign Date : 23/10 - 21/11

Lucky Color : Red,Brown

Lucky Gemstone : Opal

Lucky Day : Sunday,Monday,Thursday



Symbol : The Scorpion

Lucky Number : 8

Ruiling Planet: Mars/Pluto

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer


Scorpio is a sign of power and control. They don't trust easily and they trust only on deserving people. They are very loyal with their closest people. Scorpio men are very charming and easy can attract women. Scorpio women also can attract any men with her natural beauty. They are very protective for both side themselves and others and don't allow to get hurt themselves.

They try to control everything around them. They are very jealous nature, especially if they are in relationship. Sometime their jealousy cross the limit. They are extremely possessive when they come in relationship. They don't forgive easily and rarely forget other's mistakes or fake people. When they come to their belief they are deeply stubborn. And they can do anything to prove that they are right.

Scorpio in Relationships

As Partners
When they fall in love, they get really attached and can often come too close to their partner. Their emotions are deep and very hard to change once they are there, so if their partner hurt them, there is a bigger chance to turn their love into hate. Because they take their commitment very seriously, they definitely like to marry their partner. They are very loyal with their partner and they trust completely or blindly.

As Parents
Scorpio parents are normally intense, passionate and extreme. They can handle the weight of the whole family if it's necessary. They have a much closer and effective relationship with their family. As a parent they don't like when their children lazy attitude and don't accept their behavior. Scorpio parents teach their children that how to play in a team.

As Children
Scorpio children are very passionate in their emotions and you may see in little one that in loving and hating they are too extreme. If anyone hurt their emotions or self-respect, they can surely strike back with the deadly sting. It's very hard for Scorpio children to forgive anyone. They are naturally gifted bright mind and high level of intelligence. They like to play game hide and seek and other games that allow him to disappear.

Scorpio Career
They love to work alone rather than work in a team. When they don't like their team they start working on their own. They need in dependency and hate if someone one dominate them or look over their shoulder. They spent their money in their way and don't like to follow any kind of discipline, it gets frustrated them. And sometimes they get jealous when others have more than they have. They believe work with perfection and if someone appreciate them, it doesn't matter for them until they satisfied with their work efforts.