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Saturn is considered to be the most powerful planet in astrology. Powerful because Saturn 
is very effective. Whether it is Saturn's Dhaiyya or the half-century person, they have a wide 
impact on the future. Saturn is considered as sinful and cruel planets, although Saturn is not 
by nature. Rather, Shani is a just planet and gives fruits according to what he does. But due 
to being cursed, the sight of Saturn falls on them, due to which the image of Saturn remains 
a cruel planet. If Saturn befriends Mercury, Venus and Rahu, then they have enmity with 
Sun, Moon and Mars. They have a similar relationship with Jupiter and Ketu. He is 
considered the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. Saturn lives in a zodiac for about two 
and a half years, hence the transit of Saturn is considered very important. With the zodiac 
sign of Saturn, it ends with too much zodiac sign and half-and-half, so it is very important to 

know about the transit of Saturn in such a beginning. If you know about the movement of 
Saturn, then you will also get information about the effect of this transit of Saturn on your 
zodiac sign.