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Sign Date : 19/2 - 20/3

Lucky Color : Green,Yellow

Lucky Gemstone : Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Day : Sunday,Tuesday,Thursday



Symbol : The Fish

Lucky Number : 3

Ruiling Planet: Jupiter / Neptune

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Pisces born people are love to dream. They are very creative and weaving various images in their mind. That's why they word greatly where scope of dreaming and creativity. They care about others and they can't hurt their loved one. Nature wise they are very kind person and love to do charity work and help others who needed. Their sensitive, romantic and humility nature make them very likeable.

As you read about their positive quality if it became overdose it can be their weak point. Because they love to dream due to this they sometimes behave like lazy people and overlook their work. They can't motivate themselves, they need someone to motivate them to do their work greatly. They frequently lose their patience when they criticized their laziness.

Pisces in Relationships

As Partners
Their shyness nature can prevent the start of a relationship. Sometimes they are hard to understand because they are very emotional but they don't show what they are feeling in front of anyone.They don't trust easily on people, so if you want to earn their trust you have to make good conversion with them. They want a partner, who attracted not only their body but also attracted their nature, soul and mind.

As Parents
Pisces as parents like to teach their children importance of dream and imagination. Remember that children are sharp in learning and they pick up their strategy to avoid reality. They need to maintain balance between their imagination and reality because of parents are first teacher for their children. Pisces parents are very attached with their children and worried about them.

As Children
Pisces children have great creative and imagination power. They are normally attached with their parents and they expect extra love and attention from their parents. Parents need to teach them that not help others too much because they'll willing to help other at any cost. Encourage their art and creativity, but not give pressure on them if you do because they like to find their way on their own.

Pisces Career
They are creative and think out of the limit, which make them different from the crowd. Due to their sensitive nature sometimes they have to face serious problems in their career. They waste their time on their failure result revisiting, instead of learn from their failure. They need that kind of job where they can show their creative visions.