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Mercury, the lord of Gemini and Virgo, is considered very important in astrology. By the 
grace of Buddha, the person is a scholar, his reasoning ability is strong, he is better in 
communication skills. Mercury is considered high in Virgo and low in Pisces. When they 
have friendship with Sun, Venus and Rahu, they consider Moon as their enemy. Their 
relationship with Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu is neutral. According to mythological texts, 
Mercury is considered the child of Tara, the wife of Moon and Jupiter. Therefore, the 
characteristics of Moon and Jupiter are also found in them. These are considered factors of 
intelligence, speech, education, teaching, mathematics, logic, mechanics, astrology, 
accountants, Ayurveda, writing, publishing, theater, and personal business. Mercury is also 
represented by relatives of the maternal side. In addition, Mercury is also representative of 
brain, tongue, nervous system, gland, skin, neck etc. Negative effects of Mercury cause 
loss of memory, headaches, skin, etc. diseases. Mercury is considered a male but impotent 
planet. Out of the 27 Nakshatras in the north direction, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revathi are 
also the masters of these three constellations. Changing the zodiac sign of Mercury has an 
auspicious effect according to the position of the house in the horoscope of the native. You 

will get to know about the positive and negative effects of Mercury change on your zodiac 
through this page.