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Mars is said to stand for power, energy, bravery, and even boldness in the Vedic Astrology. If Mars is in a strong position in the chart of an individual, the person will be fearless, is highly efficient and has great leadership skills. He is also endowed with great energy and is highly vivacious. On the other hand, a weak Mars will bring on issues related to blood, accidents, injury, etc. Such people are said to be weak in their personalities and are said to be highly low in self-esteem and confidence.

Libra, on the other hand, is an air sign that is movable and is in the influence of Venus. Latter enjoys a neutral relationship with Mars. While Mars as mentioned refers to masculinity and fire, Venus is said to stand for femininity and water. Hence, the combination is said to bring about neutrality and balance.

In the case of the times when Mars is in Libra, people are said to develop a high sense of appreciation for fineries in life like arts and beauty. It has been seen that such kinds of people are more inclined towards emotional satisfaction than other kinds of physical passion. They are said to be highly romantic. They can often do very well at work and are said to spend a highly luxurious lifestyle. Spiritually also, these people are said to be motivated. On the relationship front as well, they are said to be calm and motivated.