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Lord Shani (Sani) / Shani Dev the most popular among the Hindu deities and is one of the nine heavenly objects known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology. Shani is the son of Lord Surya and Chaya. Planet Saturn/Shani is a slow-moving planet. It takes around 29 years for Shani to complete one revolution around the sun and the dasa period in a horoscope is 19 years. So, when Shani dasa comes to our horoscope, it will be longer compared to other planets and their dasas.  Shani Dev is considered as the Lord of Justice in Hindu Puranas. Shani has the power to reward or punish humans based on their Karma. He has got this authority from his Guru Lord Shiva. The popular misunderstanding about  Lord Shani is that he is cruel to people. It is not correct. In fact, Shani is considered the Lord of justice. So Shani Dev punishes or rewards people according to their Karma. That means Lord Shani is only giving the fruits of people’s actions. According to Vedic Astrology,  the bad influence of Shani is considered as unlucky times in a person’s life.  But the result of good deeds will be very good. We must chant Lord Shani Mantra or Shani Sloka to get rid off negative effects in the Saade Sani period (7.5years). Some of the most powerful Lord Shani chanting mantras are given below. It will give tremendous and exciting changes in your life if you chant it properly with devotion.

Saturn is the indicator of Karma, during its transit will remind you what you have done in the past. You will understand what you have to do and how much righteous you should be in your life. Saturn is generally a sorrowful planet and its influence can be depressing. However, in certain positions, it gives powerful and beneficial results.