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LoveToKnow Horoscopes is your guide to the stars. Find in-depth profiles for each star sign and learn about their positive and negative traits. Discover which signs you're compatible with romantically and which ones you should steer clear of.

Delve deeper into astrology with Chinese signs and horoscopes, or learn how to read tarot cards and where to get free readings. Whether you're searching for the technical details of astrology or just wonder what your astrological sign says about you, you'll find a wealth of information and resources to help you on your journey.

To cater your love problems, we have a list of Free Romance and Relationship Astrology Prediction Reports where you could explore how your love life goes in upcoming years. You can see your love meter graph, Love & sexual compatibility analysis between partners, future of your love life in years to go, possibilities of leading a healthy & blissful relationship and so on. Check astrological impact on your love life.

Love is a universal feeling that brings happiness, closeness, sorrow & adventure in our life. We all love to be loved but at times, situation arises in romantic association when partners have to face separation from their loved ones, compatibility issues, problem in sustaining relationship for long, and lack of understanding or distrust in husband & wife.

"Good relationships don't just happen in a moment. It demands time, patience and togetherness"

Passion, loyalty, determination and trust factor are the key areas that need to be worked in a relationship that is on verge of shatter. Wonder how couples keep their relationship even when they are too far from each other. Its understanding and mutual love! Love meter calculator by date of birth helps you explore your love rating so that you start working on your weak areas in a relationship. Before entering into a new relationship, no one is ready to face challenges but once we know our better half, life gets simplified. It would be good to know our partner well before committing, sometimes.

Love, happiness, and harmony, we all crave for. Even after years of separation, people unite with love in their hearts. Free Online love meter calculator is an amazing way to check whether you and your partner share an equal level of compassion and understanding. To make a relationship stronger, you need not but patience. Quality time is essential to sustain a relationship but we seldom get time to spend with family due to hectic work schedule. Better plan out something on weekends or once in a while, if possible.