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Happy Gudi Padwa - Celebrations and Significance

What is Gudi Padwa?

The day of Gudi Padwa marks the celebrations of the Maharashtrian New Year. In the South Indian states, the day is celebrated as the harvest festival which also denotes the beginning of the spring season.

The day is observed and celebrated across India but with different names, cultural beliefs, and celebrations. The various rituals are held on this day which start from the sunrise and continue for the whole day.

When is Gudi Padwa Celebrated?

As per the Hindu calendar, the very first day of the Chaitra month is celebrated as Gudi Padwa when farmers reap the rabi crops and consider it as the start of the Hindu New Year. The day is also quite popular in the name of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

How Gudi Padwa is Celebrated?

On the day of Gudi Padwa, several street processions are held. People in Maharashtra get ready in new attires. In their homes, special and traditional savories are prepared like Puran Poli, Puri, and Shrikhand, sweet rice popularly called as Sakkar Bhat, etc. People enjoy the festivity with their friends and family by dancing and taking part in the street processions.

What is the Significance of Gudi Padwa?

On the day of Gudi Padwa, devotees worship and offer prayers to Lord Brahma who is the ultimate creator of the Universe. As per the scriptures and legends, it is believed that he created the Universe on the day of Gudi Padwa. In the state of Maharashtra, the day is celebrated with grand fervor and zeal. It is believed that the festival wards off all evil and also attracts good luck and prosperity. In the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the occasion is celebrated as Ugadi festival. It is also the auspicious day when Chaitra Navratri begins.

What is the History of Gudi Padwa?

According to the scriptures and the Hindu mythology, the day of Gudi Padwa is celebrated as it marks the auspicious day when Lord Brahma created this universe. Moreover, it also symbolizes the victory when Lord Rama returned back to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.

What is the Legend of Gudi Padwa?

Gudi Padwa is the occasion which marks the triumph of the Sakas over the Hunas. As per the story behind Gudi Padwa and the Shalivahan calendar, on this particular day, Hunas were defeated by King Shalivahan. The legend states that it is the day when Brahma created the universe and thus on the day of Gudi Padwa, the Satya Yug began.

What are the Rituals of Gudi Padwa?

The rituals commence before sunrise where the devotees wake up early and take a holy bath after putting oil on their body. Women decorate the houses and the entrance with mango leaves and beautiful flowers. The devotees worship and offer prayers to Lord Brahma and after that hoist the Gudi. After this, it is believed that with the hoisting of the Gudi, devotees can invoke Lord Vishnu. Later, the devotees worship the deity and pray for the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu to attain prosperity and protection. The Gudi is decorated with a yellow colored silk cloth piece, mango leaves, and a garland of red colored flowers. People also draw beautiful Gudi Padwa rangoli around the Gudi.