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diwali 2020

Diwali or Deepavali 2020: How to Call It? 

As we all know that Diwali is the festival of light, and is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by everyone all around India. This festival is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. On this day we decorate our house with light and candles, and we welcome after spending 14years in the forest Lord Rama.  

What is the ideal time for Lakshmi puja 2020?

As we all know that this year Diwali is celebrated on 14 November 2020. This festival comes in Kartik Mass month on Amavasya and the Diwali Puja 2020 time, and shubh muhurta for Laxmi pooja is 17 hours 28 mins to 19 hours 24 minutes. 

In this festival, Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after 14 years of vanvas. This beautiful festival gives prosperity and happiness. On this festival, people give gifts and sweets to his/her friends and relatives. This festival is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in schools, colleges, offices, etc. On this day the markets and our homes are decorated with light and decorative items it seems like the bride to give the wonderful festival look, children purchase new gifts, toys, crackers, candle many other things. 

Diwali 2020 Lakshmi Pujan Timing 

The appropriate Diwali pooja muhurat 2020 are given below: 

  • Laxmi Pooja Muhurta: From 5.28 pm to 7.24 pm on November 14 
  • Pradosh Kaal Muhurta: From 5 pm 28 minutes to 8 pm 07 pm on the evening of 14 November 
  • Taurus Kaal Muhurta: From 5 pm 28 minutes to 7 pm 24 minutes on the evening of 14 November

Lakshmi Pujan in Choghadiya Muhurta

The appropriate Lakshmi puja muhurat 2020 are given below:

Laxmi Pooja Muhurta in the afternoon – from 02:17 in the afternoon of 14 November, from 04 to 07 in the evening. 
Laxmi Puja Muhurta in the evening – 05 to 28 in the evening of 14 to 07 minutes in the evening of 14 November. 
Laxmi Pooja Muhurat at night – from 08:47 on the night of 14 November to 01: 45 in the night. 
Laxmi Puja Muhurat in the morning – 05 to 04 minutes on 06 November, 44 minutes to 06 minutes. 

How to prepare for Lakshmi puja? 

On this festival, the prayer and Laxmi Pooja gives prosperity and wealth for a family in the future. There is certain Diwali pooja muhurat time on this occasion. Above, we have already mentioned the appropriate Diwali puja 2020 time, and therefore people can worship/pray at the same time. We decorate our home with Ashok and Mango leaves. In puja of Lakshmi, we pray for good health and wealth. We decorate our temple with lights and diyas. Diwali is the festival for five days.  

In this festival, we decorate our home with rangoli to welcome the goodness of Lakshmi. On this auspicious day, we all enjoy crackers with friends and relatives, eat sweets, and dress up with new clothes and more. 

Importance of Diwali

According to the myth, Lord Rama returns to the Ayodhya after completing the exile and because of which we all decorate our house with lights, lamps and more. Hence, Deepavali Lakshmi puja time is given above when people can pray to goddess Lakshmi for all wealth, health and prosperity. Since the festival of Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated every year with full joy and happiness, people not only celebrate this festival in India but all around the globe. 

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