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Sign Date : 21/6 - 22/7

Lucky Color : White,Pale,Yellow

Lucky Gemstone : Moonstone

Lucky Day : Tuesday,Thursday



Symbol : The Crab

Lucky Number : 2,7

Ruiling Planet: Moon

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer


They find pleasure in sharing what they have - both in their home and the sense of security that they can provide in the form of guidance, and care. They can suffer deeply when relationships, romantic or otherwise, don't work out. They are great to have around when things are not going great - they will bring with them their inborn understanding of how to care for people together with that humor.
Weaknesses - They just get into their own shells when they come across a problem and do not want to come out till a conclusion is reached by the universe. They do not want to face trouble and do not want to rock the boat.
They are also people who tend to feel sorry about them. They tend to be jealous of others achievement and selfish too and their pessimism and feeling sorry for themselves affects others also.

Cancer in Relationships

As Partners
Because Cancer is one of the most emotionally complicated of all the Star Signs, some people may have a hard time understanding, and coping with, its ever changing moods.They are a sensitive, sensual and imaginative lover, with a strong sense of intuition. They know when something's not right with their partner, and they will move heaven and earth to protect him or her.

As Parents
As a Cancer parent, they're perhaps very hands - on in raising their children. They enjoy and learn from every miraculous moment of pregnancy, birth and their child's growth.Looking after people is how they show their love. They try to do everything for their family. It's not that they want to feel powerful, but more that they can't help but want to feel safe, secure and needed.

As Children
Cancer child quiet and shy outside of their family, the Cancer child can have a hard time adjusting to new people and places.They are highly sensitive to others' feelings, forceful, and affectionate. Little crabs often take special care of dolls and stuffed animals, and dote on family pets.The risk is that they can be emotional eaters, putting things into their mouths when they are distressed or anxious. The Cancer child enjoys helping in the kitchen doing everything from preparing the food to setting the table.

Cancer Career
Whether working for a company or self-employed, cancer sign born persons are hardworking, honest and faithful. The capabilities of cancer born natives make them fit for a range of careers. They have a penchant for trade or business. They are good at organizing things. The appropriate professional industries for them include water transport, docks,navy, shipping, sea food, textiles,crafts, fish, pearls, music, weapons, liquids and chemicals, athletics, dancing, acrobatics, catering, sea products, restaurants, archaeology, nursing, cereals. They are good at predicting market activities. They are careful while investing. Good at timing they are able to yield good profits.Gifted with great tenacity and determination they can excel in any field.