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Sign Date : 21/3 - 19/4

Lucky Color : Red,White

Lucky Gemstone : Garnet

Lucky Day : Tuesday,Saturday,Friday



Symbol : The Ram

Lucky Number : 1,9 

Ruiling Planet: Mars

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius



The people in presence of Zodiac Sign Aries are energetic, curious and enthusiastic individuals, who want to initiate and make things happen. The requirement for excitement push them into new territories and makes them very action-oriented. Having them around ensures that things will never get too boring or stale because they'll always be outcome new methods to mix things up. They favor to do things their way rather than carelessly following the rest of the pack.

The greatest weakness of those born with Zodiac Sign Aries is their inflexibility. They won't give up without a fight and this makes them persistent in tracking down things they don,t even need anymore. Not knowing how to stop, they can become inflexible and too proud for their own good. If they manage to keep their peace through challenging times, there is really nothing that will stop them on their path.

Aries in Relationships

As Partners
They are known to be flirtatious when it comes to romance, and will pro-actively pursue their beloved. When they are attracted to someone, they will go straightforward to the point. However, they can simply get disaffected, and if you wish to hit it off with them, you cannot afford to be monotonous, but will have to keep attractive them in new things. They are passionate and love adventure. It is not very easy to maintain a relationship with them, but once they commit, they are habitually honest and loyal for life, provided you keep them cared for and interested.

As Parents
An Zodiac Sign Aries parent is energetic and enthusiastic. These people are all about work and no play when it comes to academics and personal development. It is not uncommon for the Aries parent to place their kid sin a private or military school. Aries parents love their children unconditionally, but they may not openly express these emotional state. Aries parents will make available top designer clothing items for loved ones. Their children's bedroom is commonly filled with high-end furniture and educational items. Aries parents explain their children responsibility at a young age. Many of these children are modest, respectful, and down-to-earth. These people know how to improve their children's strengths and creative skills. Aries parents are not strict about grade point averages. However, they push their children to pass each grade and graduate on time. Those who are raised by an Aries parent may not become affectionate adults, but they will be hard working and successful.

As Children
Zodiac Sign Aries children like a lot of attention, and they are not very subtle with their demands that you give to them, right now! From wailing at the top of their lungs to banging on the table, Aries babies are noisy in their requests for your eyes and ears.They are positive, cheerful, and eager to try everything.Aries babies are nonstop. From birth, they're easily unfocused by whatever going on around them. You'll need to be with them to support when someone hurts their feelings. They want to be liked and need frequent validation that they are.

Aries Career
Aries are always ready to take challenges and thus are born to rule. They excel in whatever they assume and attain good positions in their careers. They can handle all kinds of works and carry out any responsibility entrusted to them. Aries are good for engineering, police force, military kind of profession where they face challenges at deadlines. They also make good chemists, doctors,carpenters, gunners, cooks, boxers, mechanics, wrestlers and dealers in sports goods. As they have a technical bent of mind, they do well in research work too.