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Sign Date : 20/1 - 18/2

Lucky Color : Black,Purple

Lucky Gemstone : Red Ruby

Lucky Day : Saturday,Monday,Tuesday,Friday



Symbol : The Water Bearer

Lucky Number : 1,2

Ruiling Planet: Saturn / Uranus

Compatible Zodiac Sign : Aquarius, Libra, Gemini


They find connection with people very easily and it's not difficult to meet up with family members or friends that have not seen for a long time. They have lot of energy and have higher curiosity to experience new things. They like to work in group and they have social lives, rather than one or two friends. They have very friendly and entertaining nature. They love to share and give things and live to help who needed.

They want to be center of attention, for this sometimes they can ignore and deeply hurt anyone. Because they are friendly and giving nature, people sometimes take advantage of them. If they decided to do something then they just focus on that and don't care about others.They don't always stay on their commitment.

Aquarius in Relationships

As partners
They are very emotional. Frequently they feel insecure in a relationship. They sometimes feel like no one can truly understand them. If they are in a relationship, they want feel all the time like there is no one like them for their partner, they just want to feel special. When you are in relationship with Aquarius person make sure that you are clear about your emotions and feeling. Best thing of them is they don't want to change their partner, they just accept them as they are.

As parents
As parents they like to give their children freedom and independence. Their get excited when their children dry hair or try new things and even Aquarius parents appreciate their children. They teach their children how to be open-minded and curious about new things. They encourage their children's ability of consideration and creative solution to the problems.

As Children
Aquarius children like to meet new people, want to try new things and visit to new places. They like to be active, busy and showing world that they are very adventurous and fearless. They are hardworking and never think to give up until things go their way. They understand their parents feeling without any word. They are sharp minded, they are easily able to find out that how everything's work.

Aquarius Career
They won't prefer work in a limit and for a very long time on same project. They are innovative and want to be independent, to work in great way they need free-hand. They frequently change their job and relocate their home. They like to study new subjects and make career in different fields, they do this altogether. They perform at their best level when they get opportunity of a good job or work, they express their creativity, wisdom, great memory, knowledge, etc.