Meaning of Left Eye Blinking For Male Astrology

Our body perceives the surroundings and reacts accordingly. In the world, there would be barely any person who lives without any spiritual believes, most of us do follow the culture of our belonging ancestors. This belief of an individual asks him or her to follow some customs and traditional values. Astrology is a huge part of these customs& traditions. But now there is a huge fight between astrology and science. For example, when you are watching a horror movie and suddenly get Goosebumps at the scary scene, this is the reflex action performed by our body which is a scientific action. On the other hand, if a black cat crosses our path, so we stop and take a few steps back because our elders told us it's a bad omen. Since science has its instant visible proof people are now ignoring some of the small incidents which are very important in the sight of astrology. But, in contrast, there are many situations that have a scientific as well as the astrological reason behind their occurrence. The same happens when our left eye blinking. Your mother must have told you it's a bad omen and you might have mocked her and forgotten about it. Well, of course, there is a scientific explanation behind twitching and blinking of left eye but it has some occult reasons too. You can consult with the best astrologer in India when you feel eye blinking.



The answer behind its spiritual fact can be surprising to hear. Twitching of eyes holds a different meaning for both men and women. In Indian culture, shastras and Vedas holds a significant place. There is a detailed description of not only blinking of eyes but also on twitching of our different body parts. According to organ astrology, every part of the body has some meaning attached to its bursting. It predicts future events. Blinking of eyes can be a good or bad omen, depending on which eye is twitching and for whom. Online astrologer talk is the best way to know the pre and cons of eye blinking.

In today's world, science and technology have advanced so much that has explained a number of factors behind the blink of an eye. This blink of an eye may symbolize nothing serious for the generation of today but it holds a significant meaning in the ancient scriptures. This information is dogmas or notion for people living in a modern world but for those who believe in the old tradition of doing things consider it an important phenomenon.


Talk To Astrologer For Eye Blinking : -

According to Samudra Shastra, twitching& blinking of right eye is considered as auspicious. It is said that if the left eye of a man blinks then it shows that all his wishes are going to come true. He may have financial benefits, a promotion at the workplace or meet the love of life. But if the left eyelid and left eyebrow blink, it is not considered auspicious. It directs towards some old rivalry and future increase in enmity. If the lowest part of left eye twitches, there are chances of a heated argument and public humiliation. If the upper part of left eye twitches (near the nose), it foreshadows a bad event in near future. Twitching of part of eyes near the ear project towards our health problems that might happen after some time. There are chances that a person loses his money if the middle part of the eye twitches. Visit our website for an online astrologer.  you can talk to astrologer for astrology solution..

The world is huge and so is the scope for the astrology. There are numerous cultures, traditions and believes followed by a bunch of people, and these differences in believe leads to diverse astrological parameters varying region to region. Some may sound similar and some may even contradict each other. It happens with the astrology behind the blinking of the eye too. Some of such beliefs based on regions are mentioned below:


Twitching Of An Eye As Per Chinese Astrology : -

As per Chinese astrology, the twitching of the left eye is considered good. Whereas the rupture of the right eye brings misfortune. These scenarios are completely different for women. This is an absolute reverse. If the eyelid below the left eye tears, it means your mourn moment is about to arrive or, someone is circulating rumors about you.

The Chinese astrology and Indian astrology for this context aren't much different, they show similar beliefs for the blinking of eyes. Hence this belief is usually followed in the central and South-East Asian countries.


Significance Of Eye Blinking In African Astrology : -

In African astrology, the flickering of the lower eyelid indicates that you are about to cry. If the upper eyelid flickers then you may have an unexpected or sudden encounter with someone.

People living in the continent of Africa tend to follow this astrology.


 Scientific Reason Behind Blinking Of Eye : -

Blinking is one of the functions of the body and sometimes reflex action by the body. Blinking helps in the spread of tears across the inner eye area and removes irritants from its surface. Although it is a normal functioning of the body but note it if the irritation or blinking continues for long and creating some major discomfort, it may be a sign of some serious issue. The normal twitching stops automatically when you stop paying attention to it within a few minutes or an hour. Giving your eyes some rest will prevent continuous blinking of left eyes. There is no definite reason related to the blinking of eye. It's a tedious task to explain the exact reason behind it. Talk to astrologer to get instant solution for the same. There are some common factors listed below that contribute to twitching of an eye: -

●       Lack of sleep

●       Fatigue

●       Working in low light

●       Working late on the computer

●       Excessive use of caffeine

●       Using phones for a longer duration

●       Reading in low light

●       Neurological problems

All the above-mentioned factors may lead to 

twitching of left eye, maybe an only left eye or only right. To avoid this, give proper rest to your eyes. If you wear specs, make sure to keep them clean to avoid any extra pressure on vision. Talk to an astrologer online and get a solution.