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Team Astroyogi

Acharya Shri Mukti Bhurtel Ji after winning two National Gold Medal in Astrology, through this Astrology guide that people who are facing problem or issues because of moon sign, sun sign, position of planets. Acharya Shri Mukti Bhurtel Ji has been establishing a platform named Astro World Center where more than 100 Astrologers are ready to support needed people. Here world's expert and experienced astrologer will study about your past, present and future and guide you for your bright and happiest future.

Almost everyone heard about astrology science and many of people know about 12 Zodiac Sign. Most of people daily read about their Zodiac Sign to know how will be their today. Astrology give you not only information about your past and future but also give you solution of problem what you are facing in your life. Astro World Center provides you an opportunity to know about your pass and future problem solution.

At Astro World Center, it is our effort to bring together the most famous astrologers in India as well as those vedic astrologers in India who are well qualified and have a good status. You can now talk to top astrologers on our platform from anywhere in the world. We give you the top astrologers and as well as the best numerologists and best tarot readers, so you have a choice of specialists who you can now consult. Accessing the best astrologers in India, has never been easier.

We have a detailed knowledge of the Vedic's guiding principles, designed to solve multiple difficulties of our society. We are well-informed in multiple branches of astrology, which expanded our services to arrange. Starting from personal astrology to Vashikaran Mantra, love astrology or anything to do with your future, we are always there by your side.


Our mission is to get the people rid of the sin, suffering and pain worldwide. We are dedicated to make available the best products at reasonable prices for the benefit of the humanity. We promote true and committed research so the authentic services based on the antique knowledge may be clubbed with modern science along the lines of a real understanding of the therapy and the concerns of the clients.